Money For Good

Money For Good


Finally figure out your spending & budgeting for good in order to start using your money for good!

I once found a list of the billionaires in the world and was amazed. I thought to myself, if there is this much money in the world why is there still world hunger? Why is there still sex trafficking? Why is there still things going wrong that need money to fix and yet, not many want to give it up.

But I was convicted by this thought. Because in actuality it’s not just the billionaires’ money that could “save the world” it’s my money too. My dollar is worth just as much to me as it is to them and would be just as helpful in the world as theirs would be. I needed to stop putting the problem at their feet.

So I give. I give because it’s what Jesus calls me to, but also because I want to see change and because I believe in the things I give to. Whether that is fighting against human trafficking or buying my friend a pick me up coffee on a bad day, I believe in good and I believe in using my money for good. Not just good for me and my future, which I also believe in, but good for others.

I want to help you do that too. I want to help you see your money in a different way in order to use it more wisely. And for those who are not convinced to use their money for good, I want to convince you. I want to help you see the world and money through different eyes in this workbook so that you can make changes to better, not just your life, but those around you.

Money For Good is a workbook with over 15 pages that walk you through some of your old spending habits and helps you break down thought processes about money that have held you back. It gives you the basics of getting a budget set up and paying off debt, as well as teaches you why, even if you don’t believe the bible’s take on giving, (but also if you do) you should take what you have and offer it to others.

On the first page of the workbook I link to three video walkthroughs of me explaining all the pages and breaking down everything about the workbook and how to use it to make changes.

Filled with informative and reflective pages, a spending tracker, and ideas for spending budgets and giving to get you started, this is the perfect workbook to jump start your next financial journey.

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