quit your job, chase your life

Ever dreamed about walking out of that office for good and doing what you really want to do with your life?



Let me guess.

Anytime you think about quitting your job to pursue something else you get hit with thoughts like:

What would I even do instead? How can I leave a steady paycheck? What will people think if I quit? What if I change my mind? How could I afford it?

What if I fail?

Then, let me guess.

You set the thought aside for the fifth time that week (or day) and go about finishing your work day only to come home and watch Netflix, never really reaching your full potential for your life.



Let me introduce myself! I'm Lydia Lois and I am a seasoned job quitter.  

Not once, not twice, but three times I've handed in that bittersweet notice and tried to make a go of it on my own terms.  

Once without anything lined up (didn't end well), once with another soul sucking occupation ready (didn't realize it was soul sucking at the time), and finally the last time with somewhat of a plan. (Well, Jesus had one anyway.)  

Now I'm doing what I want. (Building my own business.) I have time for things that I love. (Read: husband, friends & music.) And still am able to pursue my financial goals fervently. (Hello, home ownership!) 



QUIT YOUR JOB, Chase Your Life is a 6 day email course that walks you through the process of quitting the job you hate and pursuing the life you day dream about.

Which is exactly what I did.



DAY 1 - Where do you want to go next? (Finding the right path.)

DAY 2 - Quit being someone else's slave! (Getting rid of debt!)

DAY 3 - Own your money! (Learning the "B" word.)

DAY 4 - Reach your full potential! (Developing good habits!)

DAY 5 - Take back your free time! (How to reach all your goals!)

DAY 6 - Taking action today! (Let's review it all!)



If this is SO great, why is it free?

In simple terms, because I'm passionate about this. It's one of those topics that if we met on the street and it got brought up you'd be late getting to where ever you going because I went off on a tangent about it. This free course is my way of getting to teach what I'm passionate about (people leaving the social norm and going where they are called instead) and letting those who are interested in learning join in!

Also, if you don't already know, I run a blog called Lydia Lois where I talk about living a full life without spending a lot of money. So to be completely honest, having this course is a way to introuduce new readers (like possibly you?) to what my blog is about! I get to teach about something I love and those who want to learn get to! Win win!

Is this just an idealist course that will tell me to follow my heart and everything will be perfect? (Insert eye roll emoji)

Not a chance. I don't tell you to just jump and everything will be fine. I definately believe in going where you are called but I'm also a realist and plan out my "jumps" in life.

In the course we go over all the steps you'll need to take before you quit including how much money you should have saved and what debt you should pay off. Then in the later lessons I walk you through changes you'll need to make in order to fufill the second part of the course title, chasing your life. These are not just gimmicks or random suggestsion. These are things I've done and do in order to pursue the lifestyle I want and I know will help you do the same.

I believe the best "risks" are the ones that you've prepared for. I want to help you prepare.