Why Your Budgets Keep Failing

Why your budgets keep failing.png

I relate budgeting quite often to dieting, and we all know how dieting can turn out.

Either wildly successful, or crash and burns.

For first time budgeters, the same thing can happen.

It’s a new habit to make, a new thing to start, and it’s just new. You don’t have a rhythm with it yet or any idea on how to go about it.

But why do your budgets so often fail?

Because we don't realize the power our money could have for our lives.

We spend our money on whatever and whenever without really taking a step back each time and questioning if it’s worth it. If what I’m about to get is worth the trade for the money in my hand and all that work that goes into making it.

Just like food we quickly spend the money or eat the cupcake and don’t actually ask ourselves often enough if we really wanted that cupcake, if the cupcake was worth the calories, fat, sugar rush we are going to get from it. Or if the cupcake really satisfied what we thought it would, etc.

It may sound so intense and complicated but I’m telling you it makes a difference. If we are not actively involving our mind and brain to make and analyze our decisions with money, we are making them out of habit and a bad habit at that, which is a hard thing to break.


Why your budgets are failing is because we don’t understand money and our spending. And why we don’t understand that is because we are not taking the time to even think about it.


If you want your budget to be successful you have to understand what money can do for you.


1. Give you time off.

As I always say. If you need less money to live than you don’t have to always make as much money. You can take a sick day, a vacation or work less hours and be home with your kids. Whatever it is you want time off for can happen if you use your money wisely.


2. Allow you to give to others.

I did a survey a few years back on the blog about what people wanted to do if they had more money and surprisingly something that a lot of the people said was that they would give more to others.

They wished they could get gifts for ones they loved or surprise them with things. When you have more than enough to live on and a healthy savings you don’t hesitate to share that with others. You can fill up the gas in someone’s car, buy your friend a coffee, offer to pay for the whole check etc. Budgeting has the power to give you that money and more for those things.


3. Have freedom in your future.

When you have your spending under control and your savings is steadily growing, you can have peace about your future. You know that you can live off little and still be happy. You also know that no matter what, you have a savings to fall back on. Having control over your spending means freedom in so many ways but the best way is freedom in your future!


Why your budgets are failing? You haven’t realized the power in money.


You are still thinking of it as something that you just spend for quick joy and then work to get more of later. Rather than the compounding power of using it to better your life. Realize that power and your budgeting and spending won’t fail you!


I'm cheering you on!