Why Managing Your Money Matters

If you've ever thought that budgets were just for nerds, or money doesn't matter as long as you have enough, you need to read this article on why managing YOUR money matters. Because it actually, can change your life!

This blog post could also appropriately be titled, "Why Lydia Talks So Much About/Is Obsessed With Money!" But alas, that is too long and wordy so I settled for, "Why Managing Your Money Matters".

Because it does.

So let me just get explaining! You see, the reason why money matters so much in general, and specifically to me, is because it affects everything in our life.

It affects what college we go to, what professional career we choose, what house we buy, how we raise our kids, how much we help others, or give back and so many more things! We make most of our decisions with money being a factor, if not the factor in the decision making process.

So why does this matter and what do I think we can do about it?

It matters because some decisions are made because of money that drastically change the course of your life, a lot of times for the negative. I believe by not managing your finances well at a young age (in your twenties!) aka, not living within your means or always thinking you need more money, will lead to you chase the dollar bill instead of the dreams you were made for.

What is most important and close to my heart, is people following what they really want to do vs. what they think they have/need/should do. But a lot of times what holds people back is the money. Whether it is that they need to provide well for a family or they themselves have gotten used to a certain lifestyle of spending.

Money should never be a reason why you can't go out and do whatever you feel called to do!

This may seem detailed and specific but I promise you it happens all the time, I see it, and if you start looking for it you'll see it to. Start asking questions about why people have made some of their big decisions in life, most of them revolve around money. From simple things like their style of clothing they buy, all the way up to how many kids they have or wanted. A lot of the time money has influenced these decisions in some way. Sometimes without even them realizing it.

Now I'm most definitely not saying that we should just fly by the seat of our pants and not worry about money at all, and never letting it affect our decisions. It's actually smart to always make informed decisions and money is definitely apart of being informed. I'm not saying to ignore it, in fact, I'm saying the exact opposite. I think you should pay more attention to your money.

The reason I write about, preach and sometimes stand up on my soap box about money is because I think sometimes it holds people back.

I think if people knew how to properly budget, save and live on the right amount based on their income this wouldn't happen. When you learn to live on less you actually open up your life for more opportunities! When you can live on less that means you are building a savings, which means you can take that day off without pay to go to that concert, you can afford a great Christmas with your kids, or take those classes you always wanted to. If you learn to live on less you can take the less paying job that you actually enjoy and are passionate about, or the job that gives you a flexible schedule, or just less hours to pursue a side project.

The job you have and the money you earn from it, you are a slave to if you don't learn to manage it well. This is especially important if you don't love the job you have. While I think everyone (especially us twenty somethings) should go pursue our calling I know that for whatever reason some people won't, or at least not right away in life. So in order to not be tied to that job you hate, (either by working extra hours, sucking up for that raise, or never being able to take a day off) and have time to enjoy your life, learn to live on less.

So, why does managing your money matter?

Because money can change your life, but not just more money. The money you have, right now, can change your life, if you do the work to manage it well!

Talk soon!