Why Brand Names Are Killing Your Budgets

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Don’t worry guys, I’m a fan of some brand names as much as the next person. This definitely isn’t a post that is anti all brand names. But it is true that if you are only buying brand names I can almost guarantee that it is ruining your budget.

If you want to make the argument that you pay for a higher quality brand so you don’t have to keep buying the same item that keeps breaking because it is cheaply made (the off brand version), then say no more. I hear that argument and raise you a case by case instance. Because some things I agree you absolutely should pay for a little better quality and not the off brand version.

But not all things by any means.

Today’s post is just going through why buying brand names might be the source of your budgets failure.

Let’s move to it shall we?

Why Brand Names Are Killing Your Budgets

1. They only matter sometimes.

As stated above, quality in a product, (which sometimes but not every time means buying name brand) can make a big difference and save you money in the long run. Why buy the cheap garden hose you only use for a season and have to replace each time when you can spend a little more money and have it for years?

But it doesn’t matter every time. You don’t need a high quality pool floaty that, no matter the cost will probably be popped at some point in the season. Or a name brand pack of noodles for spaghetti. Or a bottle of water for that matter.

There are some items that matter what brand you are buying, but there are MANY that don’t matter. So stop assuming that because it’s a brand name it’s better, I’m sorry but it’s killing your budget.

2. They are ALWAYS more expensive.

Once in a blue moon will I find a brand item that is cheaper than it’s generic brand counterpart. Brand names are always more expensive to buy and sometimes way more! Why double your spending budget because of a name on the box or container?

Don’t believe me? Go about your normal brand shopping trip one day and keep that receipt. The next time you do a similar grocery trip, buy all generic items. I guarantee your savings will be more than you expect! Ditch the brands and keep your budget low!

3. No one else cares.

Maybe you are the one that cares. Maybe you think your friends will care. Or maybe your parents were brand shoppers. But let me be the first to tell you that no one cares if you buy name brand or not. And if someone actually, truly cares how you are spending your money then maybe you should get less judgmental friends?

You have better things to spend your hard earned money on than a name on an item, the same item that is sold for significantly cheaper and is basically the same. Stop worrying about what other people think and buy what is best for you and your financial goals!

Okay I’ll get off my soapbox now. Truly you guys, I’m not against buying brands ever. I know that sometimes you have a favorite one, or the original truly does it the best. I’m just saying to step outside the box and not let that be the deciding factor of your purchasing. ;)

A little bit of brands and a lot of bit of generic will keep your budget alive and well! ;)

Good luck!