My $25 Monthly Budget Review : October & November 2017

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Friends it’s that time again!

Much like every other person it seems, October is my favorite month, but it’s not just because of beautiful fall and all that jazz. It’s also because it’s my birthday month! Which explains why I didn’t spend all of my $25 in October.

So this post is doubling up and bringing you October purchases and November for one full post. Let’s do it!

My $25 Monthly Budget Review : October & November

In September I went over by a dollar and this month I was under.

It’s a very strange thing to go from not spending any money, ever, to spending even $25 in one month. I’m so out of the habit of spending money that when I’m perusing stores and things I love it’s still so hard for me to take out my wallet and decide it’s worth my money, my budget, my time, etc. for that product.

Taking a break from spending really changes the way you shop for good, I’d recommend it if you haven’t tried it. It’s a good detox from the consumer world we live in.

Okay that’s the end of my advice for this blog post, now onto the TWO things, yes two things, I bought this month.


$8.71 Shirt

The first clothing item I’ve bought in forever and I have no regrets! I’ve worn it probably too many times since I bought it but I can’t help it. It’s the perfect color, fit and material. I have no picture to share and it was from Goodwill so finding it online would be impossible. Just imagine a really cool shirt that you wear too often and you’ll get the idea.

$12.62 Hair Dye

Ah, yes! The lovely effects of going grey in your twenties means you have to use part of your budget to buy hair dye. But if you can find a great friend who will do it for free then the cost goes WAY down. Bless those friends that will stand for hours in your bathroom sorting through your thick mane until every strand is colored. There is a special place in heaven and my heart for you.

Total: $21.33

Even with my negative starting amount from My $25 September Budget I still came in under budget! I call that a win!

Now, onto November!


$10.25 Face Mask

Normally I take forever to decide if a purchase is right for me. However, for some reason the night I first heard about this face mask I was sold. I ordered it out of my own budget for over $10 that night and was happy to do it. It’s suppose to be the “World’s Most Powerful Facial” and while I haven’t had any facials to compare it to I will say that I love it and have no regrets about the purchase!

$4.92 Taylor Swift’s new C.D.

Speaking of no regrets.. I bought this the day it came out. I had a really old gift card (I’m talking wedding present gift card) that I used to cover most of the cost so it wouldn’t eat up my whole budget for the month. That’s why it was only about $5.

Since you asked… Top 3 are; New Year's Day, Don’t Blame Me, (Mostly because of that high note she hits.) and Getaway Car. (For the dance moves of course.)

$4.36 Frames

The good old dollar store helped me out with a nice little home decor project I had in November. I stamped some hymn lyrics to frame (you can see them in the background of this photo) and water colored a quote for one as well. Only a little over $4 for a spruce up of our walls isn’t bad at all!

$2.16 Set of 3 Hexagon Shelves

I’ve been wanting some hexagon shelves for awhile now but since they are in style right now they are expensive or can’t be found anywhere! So imagine my luck that on black Friday at Goodwill there sat a set of three hexagon shelves for half off, coming to a grand total of $2.16! I was so excited.


As you can tell this month I was on a bit of a home decor kick but it has made all the difference in this little apartment of ours. We had only planned on staying here for six months yet three years later and we are still here saving for our house. We like the apartment but are just dreaming of our own house. So adding some decor touches can make it feel more homey. It’s amazing what $7 did to the feel of our living room!

That’s exactly why I share these monthly budgets with you guys. To show you how you don’t need a lot of money or a big budget to live a full, well rounded and fun life. Whether you are adding a cute picture to your wall or buying a new beauty product. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on these things!

Hope you enjoyed this month’s peak into Lydia’s spending.

See you in December!