Top Five Habits to Start in the New Year

In the New Year we are all looking for resolutions, goals, plans, and habits to start. With so much information out there and generally good advice it is hard to pick! I've narrowed it down to the top five habits you should start in the new year, especially if you are in your twenties!

The New Year isn't the only time to start new things but it is a good time to! So I've put together a little list of my top five habits to start in the New Year that will better-not just your year-but your life.


 Top Five Habits to Start in the New Year


I know it has become a common past time to stare at your phone laying in bed before you set your alarm and actually sleep. I myself have grown to look forward to when I can lay there and not think about anything, just scrolling. However, it's a habit I'm trying to break and you should too.

You may think it is your relaxing, end-of-the-day activity that prepares you for sleep. But in fact it is doing the exact opposite! Staring at your screen before bed is actually telling your brain that it's not time for bed yet! This 2 minute video explains it from someone way smarter than me! (But he lacks charisma so we all have our strengths! ;) ) Break that bad habit with me and start putting your phone away or in another room so you are not even tempted!


Instead of having the goal to just "drink more water" like most of us make, you need to build the habit of drinking the actual amount you need every single day! When I was younger I got really sick on Christmas Day and couldn't keep any fluids down. I was so thirsty but couldn't do anything about it. Ever since that experience I vowed to not take water for granted and make a point to drink, a lot, every day! You'd be surprised how much water you are actually suppose to drink and how deprived your body is of water!

Did you know that a lot of times if you are feeling hungry you actually might just be thirsty? The way I see it, water is the glue that holds everything together, if you are not drinking the amount you should be drinking, you might be doing more harm than you think! Start the habit now so it sticks with you for life! I recommend getting a really cute water bottle, it always encourages me to drink more! ;) Also, click here to find out your recommended amount!


Wait! We are young! Who needs sleep right? We're happy, free, confused, lonely, but also extremely tired! We all just want a little more sleep and little more things checked off our to-do list. Whether you are a college students, party animal, newbies in the corporate world, or new moms. I guarantee every twenty something and thirty something out there is walking around wishing they could take a nap and conquer the world.

The answer: Start going to bed earlier. The answer to the latter: Start waking up earlier. Waking up, even just an hour earlier has been proven to increase productivity and is just overall good for you. Staying up late and sleeping in half the morning will only make your days fly by without actually ever getting something done! Make the habit of being a little bit of a grandma this year and taking your sleep and days seriously!

(Check out this article about the benefits of waking up early and how to start doing it!)

4. EXERCISE (sorry I had to!)

You knew it was coming folks! As much as I hate it too, it has to be on this list. It is a habit that needs to be made in your life and the sooner you do it the better you will be for it. Just like water, exercise literally affects (positively) everything in your body, mentally and physically. Since most of us in our twenties and thirties still have that fast metabolism going I tend to look on the mental side of things for my motivators. (Although your health is obviously incredibly important beyond just being "skinny".) I know exercise will help my mood, mental state, stress level, and confidence, so that's why I talk myself into it. If you build this habit while you are younger it will serve us well into later decades!


Look I'm Netflix's biggest supporter and can't think of a better evening then sitting on my couch, eating popcorn, and binge watching a show. However, it's an addiction I realize I have and it's not serving me at all. Let's be real. This is the time of your life to be learning and growing into who you were created to be. You can't do that if you are constantly watching Friends reruns.

This last year I started taking time to read more and it has served me well. Take an hour before bed and instead of scrolling pick up a real live book and read. A novel, a personal development book (those have been my go-to this last year!), the Bible, or a daily devotional. Reading gives you something that a lot of other mediums can't, and unlike scrolling before bed, it actually does relax you. Make time for it!

Well I hope you are feeling inspired and not at all overwhelmed! It doesn't have to be all at once but implementing these habits I know can and will drastically change your life. I'm super excited for you and this year! :)