Three Things To Do With Your Money To Better Your Life

Want to learn how to use your money to better your life? Well perfect! Because that's what I want to teach you in this post!

Hello friends! I’m excited about this post today because I’m breaking down in the simplest terms what I think you should do with your money to better your life. You see, I think that people believe that unless how much money we make changes our life can’t really change for the better either.

Let me be the one to tell you straight, you’re wrong.

I don’t have to know exactly what you make to know that there is something you can do with your money to better your life that you are not doing. It’s not your fault you’re not doing it, most likely no one taught you.

The problem I’ve found is that too often people work the job they hate for some money in return and then spend their days off spending all that money to make up for the week of torture they just had.

But by spending all the money you earned you are pretty much guaranteeing yourself a spot at that job for the next week.

Today I wanted to simplify some of what I teach in this blog and my program and tell you some three basic ways to use your money for bettering your life.

I’m excited so let’s do this!

Three Things To Do With Your Money To Better Your Life

1. Start a Future Fund

Yes, another name for this is savings. I’m not trying to trick you by renaming it but rather I want you to think of it as a Future Fund instead of just a savings. I think when people hear savings they roll their eyes and get a little bored just thinking about it. They believe a savings is just money you can’t spend incase something horrible comes up.

While yes, a savings (Future Fund) can be used for emergencies that is not at all it’s sole purpose and in fact is your key to bettering your life.

Think about this. If you don’t like where you are at right now, what are some things or ways that would help you change it? I’m going to take a wild guess and say that at least a couple of those things you are going to need some money for. Maybe it’s a goal you’d like to reach? A class you’ve been dying to take? A business you want to start? A fitness program you want to buy? Maybe you want to move out or buy a house? Maybe you want to be able to travel more or just go on one vacation? Maybe you’re just dying for a day off without worrying about your bills being paid?

All of these things are good for your life but require money. If you want to be prepared in the future for these things you are going to need a Future Fund. Put money away today to start bettering your life for tomorrow.

2. Pay Off Debt

I’ve touched on this multiple times and I’m sure you’ve heard it before but it has to be one of the three points because it’s that important! One of the first steps to bettering your life is to pay off who else has control of your money.

And who else does have control of your money?

Anyone you owe money to. You see anyone you are indebted to has a little bit of a hold on your life. That means anytime you get any sort of money they are knocking on your door asking for their share. Get rid of that and instead of buying more things you don’t need, use your money to pay off your debt as soon as possible!

Then, tear up your credit cards and never use them again to make a purchase! This way you’ll be the only one in charge of your money, future and life!

3. Learn how to live on less than you earn.

If you read those first two points and thought, yeah that’s all well and good but how the heck do I find the money to create a Future Fund and pay off my debt? Well, then I present to you point number three: Learn how to live on less than you earn.

I believe the way we get stuck in our life and jobs is because we haven’t done the first two points and the reason we haven’t done those two things is because we haven’t learned how to do this one.

When you haven’t learned how to live on less than you make, it doesn’t matter how much money you make because it will always not be enough.

Let me show you how that can happen:

  • We take the job with decent money and use all the money to live off of.
  • We start to not really like our job but we need the money so we keep working.
  • A promotion/transfer/different job comes up with more money and we think, “Oh if I was making more money I’d be able to get out of debt/move out/buy a house/get a better car/go back to school/be happier!” (Basically anything that we think will better our life.)
  • So we take that “more money position” and even though we said we’d spend that extra money doing “x”. We instead just end up spending all of that money every month too.
  • Then we are in the same spot we were in, because guess what, we don’t like the “more money position” any more than we liked the old one.

Start living on less now and if you find a job your love with more money then you can invest it into more things to better your life. (Like school/moving out/getting out of debt/etc.) On the flip side, starting to live on less now also means you don’t have to take a job solely for the money but you can choose your job based on if you love it or not.

If that's not bettering your life I don’t know what is!

Feeling stuck is such a common feeling these days that you might start to think that’s just how life is. But it’s not. If you are feeling stuck you need to start today, doing something to get out of it! If this post spoke to you at all make sure you start my free email course called Quit Your Job, Chase Your Life. It’s all about bettering your life and is the perfect next step after this post!

Okay I hope this helped break things down friends!

Have any questions or post ideas? Reach out! I’m always looking for suggestions!

Talk soon!