Three Things Your Spending Says About You

If someone was to look at your bank statement right now, would they know who you are? Would they know anything truthful about you?

Where we put our money says a lot about who we are as a person. With every penny we spend we are casting a vote and that vote matters for our life. We only have so much money after all, how and what we use it for means something.

The goal of today's post is to get you thinking about this by telling you exactly what your spending habits say about you! Let's get to it!

Three Things Your Spending Says About You

1. Where You Spend Your Time

How you spend your money also shows where you spend your time. Any time spent spending money is just that, time spent. So whether you are going out to eat or shopping or heading to a movie, you are spending hours of your life in those moments.

If your bank statement continually shows store after store it’s safe to say you spend a lot of your time spending money on things. If you are constantly spending money on an activity it's safe to say you spend a lot of time out doing things. If you spend a lot of your money, it might also be safe to say that you spend a lot of your time working, because unless you are using a credit card for all of those purchases, the money you keep spending has to come from somewhere. Think about it!

Is where you are spending your time and money where you want your time spent? Go through your own bank statement and ask yourself!

2. What Your Priorities Are

How you spend money says what your priorities are. For example if you are constantly spending money on clothes, then you are putting a priority on dressing nice. If you buy only organic food than you have a priority of eating healthy. If you are making a hefty car payment then having a nice car is a priority to you. If certain causes or charities are important to you, your bank account should reflect that.

Look at your spending honestly. What does it say about your priorities? Are you prioritizing things that you shouldn’t be? What do you think you prioritize and ask yourself if it is showcased in your spending?

Matthew 6:21 says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Where you put your treasure (money) is where your heart will be. Make sure you are putting it in the right things!

3. What You Think Things Are Worth

You may think that companies, or people dictate what something is worth by putting a price tag on it. Actually, we as consumers decide what something is worth by buying it or not. When you decide not to buy something because of the price what do you usually say?

“It’s not worth that much.”

Right? So when we do buy something we are essentially saying that this item/activity/thing is worth this amount of money that I am paying. We always have the option to put something back and decide it’s not worth our money, but by buying it we are now placing that value on that item.

Looking back over your bank statement do you still agree with the worth you put on certain purchases? Or does it seem a little different now looking at it with fresh eyes?

The purpose of this post is not to get you to stop spending money all together, but rather to take a step back and view your spending from the outside. Again I ask the question, if someone was to look at your bank statement right now would they know anything truthful about you?

I hope it starts to make you think through each purchase you make before you make it.

Money in this world is such a secretive topic but I think that’s so wrong! We all have it, we all spend it, we all deal with similar issues with it. By making it secretive we allow ourselves to treat it like no one will ever see it! If you are embarrassed to show someone your bank statement, there is something going wrong. Either you are putting too much value on what you earn, (In that case read this post, point three.) or your spending habits are what embarrasses you and in that case, something needs to change.

Keep striving for better purchases and more minimal spending! I’m cheering you on!