Three Reasons To Stop Getting That Drive Through Coffee

If you think that your trips to the coffee stand once a week aren't hurting anybody. You're right. They are only hurting you. Click through to find three reasons to stop getting that drive through coffee. All budgets, money, and savings aside.

I'm as big of fan as caffeine as the next sleep deprived twenty something. But I'm also a big fan of money, and having it. I promise I won't make you stop drinking coffee altogether, I just want to have a heart to heart about why you are really going through those coffee stands, and what you could be happening because of it.

Here me out! ;)

Three Reasons To Stop Getting That Drive Through Coffee


You’ve heard the numbers, and seen the math yet still you cruise through that coffee stand some mornings and complain about having no money that same afternoon. There is article, after article, after article talking about the money we waste on the convenience of this drink.

So I’m not going to explain any of that. You already know it all.

So why are you still doing it?

I get that it’s “easy”, I get that it is lovely to walk into work or school or just your day in general with a hot cup on your hands and a skip in your step. But the thing is that by buying it for that purpose is living for the present.

While living in the present is great, living for the present is not the same thing.

If you are living for satisfying yourself today, in this moment, you can’t simultaneously be living for future you. The “You” you want to be. The “You” you dream about being.

It’s just like trying to get in shape or starting a new diet.

Sure that piece of cheesecake might make you happy right now in this moment or at the end of a bad day, but if future you who wants to be able to walk up the stairs without getting winded is standing there like, “HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I THOUGHT WE HAD A PLAN?”

So while you’re in line for your “just-one-little-coffee” just picture future you in the back of your car saying, “What about getting a hold of our finances? What about saving for that back packing trip? What about those school loans we said we wouldn’t be stuck with forever? Hey, what about that house we wanted to buy in the next couple of years!? All these purchases add up ya know!?”

Just saying, sometimes the only person you’ll listen to is yourself.


But Lydia, my mornings are always rushed, I never have time to make coffee at home and I can’t not have a cup in the morning!” 

Or how about, “But you see I have a long break between classes and work, or dropping off the kids and the start of my day. So I usually get a cup just to kill time before the next thing.”

First of all, in life, never “kill time” with buying something you don’t need. That’s what books are for, or music, or calling up your grandma, or scrolling through your phone like every other American, let’s be real.

Second of all, it actually takes more time to go through that drive through or stand in that line (especially in the morning) than it does to actually make the coffee at home and fill it up to go.

You just have to plan better.

It is so much faster to just make the coffee at home and while it’s brewing you can be doing other things! For instance, doing last nights dishes, perfecting that second winged eyeliner, or getting to finish that solo you’re singing into the hair straightener. (Just me on that one? Okay, cool.)

My point is, time might be the reason (read: excuse) you don’t make coffee at home, but it is actually the reason you should make it at home.

Afraid of not having enough? Make a bigger pot. Afraid of it not being fresh? Get a one cup coffee maker. Don’t want to take the time to set a new pot in the morning? Do it at night and get one with a timer to start brewing when you wake up.

Go ahead, I dare you to give me another excuse!

Change takes action, action takes work, and all that starts with a little tough love on yourself!


Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to just quit coffee altogether.

I’m not that crazy.

I will however give you a final reason that brewing your coffee at home is truly the better option on all accounts: When you brew your coffee at home it’s usually a lot more simple drink (read: better for you) than going through a coffee stand.

Now at this point you might be like, “Yeah, exactly! I can’t make the fancy drinks I like at home.” but what I’m saying is that maybe that’s a good thing.

Coffee in itself isn’t a bad thing. (I know, crazy!) It’s all the crap, and I do mean crap, we put in it. (Myself included!) My last reason for you to stop paying for those coffee drinks is so that you won’t be paying for something that again, is not going to serve you in the future. All the sugar, extra shots, and sizes that they somehow every time convince you to upgrade to, are not going to help you and your body/health goals.

Even if you don’t have any right now, again, future you will thank you for not getting her addicted to those extra sugars!

Brewing at home has less options, you put some sweetener, and maybe some milk or flavored creamer, and that’s it. That is a lot better option than a double shot with caramel and whip cream. Lesser of two evils I’ll admit, but “lesser” none the less. ;)

I’m going to say less again, less.

So basically if you want to save your health, time, and my always favorite, money, ditch the drive through and pour yourself a cup at home. You could always buy a cute to-go cup to get you more excited about it. That’s what works for me! ;)

Remember, every choice you are making is effecting your future as well as your life now. Don’t think about what you are not getting, think about what you are preparing for! Living off less creates a life where you can actually live more.

Trust me.