Three Mindset Changes For Minimal Spending

If you want to change your spending habits you need to get into the right mindset. Let me help!

If you haven’t read my post What I Learned From A Year Of Minimal Shopping I talk about just what the title says. I went a year without spending any real money on shopping. I didn’t set out to do it, it just kind of unfolded into over a year, but I learned some things that I share with you in that post.

However after sharing that post I realized I had more to say, specifically more to tell you guys about how wrap your head around and get started minimal spending. So I decided to write today’s post on mindset shifts you’ll have to change or go through in order to be successful at becoming a minimal shopper.

I hope it encourages you and you have an opportunity to challenge yourself to make some changes!

Let’s do it!

Three Mindset Changes For Minimal Spending

1. You really don’t need much.

Again, I touched on this in my other post but I had to mention it here first as well. The thing is, once you actually truly grasp this concept and then push yourself to believe it and live it out, you would never be an over spender again.

We are all so blessed in so many ways and the thought that you need to add more to your life to have a more full life is just not true! Remembering that you don’t need that much to survive and even to thrive in life will help you to stick with minimal spending even when you are tempted to do otherwise.

2. Your well being or happiness is not and should not be dependent on things.

If your like me you are not immune to the appealing items in all of Target, or Amazon’s 2-day shipping. I still often look on fondly at different items I want to buy in stores and think about how great my life would be with this item or how happy I’d be if I could just own that one particular thing.

But the truth is that's not a lasting happiness. We get our purchase high from the item and enjoy owning it for a couple days and then we forget about that feeling when we see the next item. Our happiness, joy and well being do not come from owning any of the things we want to own. It comes from the things you can’t hold in your hands!

The next time you are in a store that is tempting you in this way remember that they are a false happiness and a false joy. Your life is so much more than what you buy or own.

3. By saying a lot of little "No's" to spending money, you are saying a bigger yes to something more!

This is probably my favorite mindset shift because it’s one I still say in my mind and hold onto today. A friend told it to me once first and I’ve stolen it ever since! ;)

If you are trying to cut back on spending money and reign in those shopping habits I’d encourage you to have a big “why” for why you are doing that. Maybe you want to be debt free? Maybe you are saving for a vacation or just a day off? Maybe you have a dream you want to pursue but you need some money in order to do that? Whatever it is I’d encourage you to keep that at the forefront of your mind often!

The reason for this is because whenever you are in a store and tempted to buy something that is catching your eye, you are going to have to say no to it. And in that moment of saying no it might be really hard, but you have to remember that each time you say no to buying something you don’t need, you are saying "yes!" to your "why”, your bigger goal that you are gonna reach!

Every time you say “No!” you are choosing that goal or that “why” over that item and that is a great feeling! Remember that and you’ll be walking out of stores with your head held high and your goals held higher!

Those are the three main mindset shifts I went through and that I think will serve you well in your financial goals! I really hope this post encouraged you today! I try to keep posts like these still uplifting and helpful so you don't feel like I’m ragging on you or anything of the sort! I’m passionate about following dreams and living minimally and believe that the two go hand in hand. If you’re here it means there is something in you that believes it too and I want to help you get there!

I hope this helps! :)

Talk soon friends!