How We Spend Only $30 A Month On Household Supplies

Our $30 budget for household supplies is detailed in this post. What we spend money on, how often and how much!

My last post I decided to divulge all our secrets about how my husband and I only spend $200 on our food every month. I know you guys love it when I post details of our finances and I’m pretty much an open book so I decided to do it again in today’s post and talk about our household money.

Today I’m going to share some of our ways with you of how we manage a $30 monthly budget for all of our household items!


How We Spend Only $30 A Month On Household Supplies

1. We make our items last.

The key to keeping your household supplies’ budget down is to make things last longer than a month, that way you are not buying all of your items every thirty days. Most items we buy we do not go through in a month. We buy them when we are out and make them last as long as we can. We do not waste. So for instance items like, laundry detergent, trash bags, foil, and ziplock bags probably last us three months or more. Soap, shampoo/conditioner, mouth wash, sponges, toothpaste, and dish soap probably last us every other month, while toilet paper and paper towels seem to be the thing we buy every month. By making each item last and staggering when we buy them we are able to keep each month’s purchases under $30.

2. We don’t buy name brand items.

I know. Some of you are gasping at the thought and others have been “off branding” for years now. For those of you that don’t know, most items you want to buy, especially a lot of your household items, are a lot cheaper if you don’t buy the name brand version. Now, I will agree that there are some items out there that are worth paying for the real thing. But that is not the majority by any means. Some examples of household items that we buy off brand of are toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, shower liners, and trash bags. The few name brand items we buy are shampoo, conditioner, (haven’t found an off brand we like yet) toothpaste, (I have sensitive teeth) and laundry detergent (the ox-clean powder is pretty cheap and lasts us forever).

3. We find the cheapest places for each item.

This is something I see people not doing more than I see people doing it. Shop around. We don’t just buy our items from any store. We shopped around to find where they were the cheapest and bought them there. We don’t shop anywhere because it’s closer or more convenient. In order to keep a minimal budget we shop for everything based on prices. Where you shop will be different for everybody depending on what you buy, and where you live but make sure to shop around and don’t just buy where it is most convenient.

4. We don’t buy the extras.

We don’t buy the “nice to haves”, we buy the need to haves. Sure, that convenient scrubber is fancy and that dryer sheet helps clothes not stick but is it really necessary? Is it really worth your hard earned money to own? The individual pods of laundry soap are not making your life that much easier, but they are taking your money every month. We buy what we need every month or bi-monthly and if we need anything extra for something specific we’ll get that. (For instance, when our drain starts clogging we’ll buy something specific for that.) It sounds weird but we don’t coddle our housekeeping skills. We buy the basics and still have an incredibly clean and well kept house, promise! ;)

5. We take care of what we have.

You heard it from your mother first probably. Take care of what you have and you’ll be rewarded. Well as an adult the reward for taking care of what you own is not having to replace it as often. Your reward for not leaving the light on all the time is not only a lower electric bill but a bulb that lasts longer. Your reward for keeping the shower liner clean is not having to replace the shower liner as often! Your reward for not making a mess on your clothes every day is not having to do more loads of laundry using all your detergent. The list goes on and on. How you live your life daily is connected to money somehow. That is what I’m trying to show you in this post and with this blog in general! If you live minimally and take care of what you have then you’ll only have to spend minimal money to upkeep it.

In conclusion, shop smart and take care of your things to make them last, you can spend minimal money on household things while still having a lovely home!

I hope these tips helped you and gave you some ideas for your own ways to save with what you buy. You most definitely don’t need to copy exactly what we buy in order to save money. Find your own way to cut back and spend minimal money. I’m just here to show you how we do it and to encourage you that it is possible!

I hope you have a great day! Happy shopping!