3 Reasons You Should Donate Money

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Even when it’s not the holiday season something I strongly believe in and live my financial life by is giving money away.

I think most people do believe in giving, being generous and blessing others. However I am also well aware that there are people out there that believe that the money they earned is their money and their money only.

That being said if you are one of those people and have found your way to this post I encourage you to read the following paragraphs with an open mind. Don’t shut down every idea before you read the explanation.

If at the end of the post you feel the same way then we can go about our ways of life separately and thanks to the internet never having to interact again if we don’t want to.

But if something resonates with you in the following post I’d encourage you to run with that thought and try blessing someone with even a small amount of money and seeing how you feel. As the saying goes, no one ever became poor by giving.

Like I said, this is a topic I feel strongly about and even if you already do some donating of your own I’d encourage you even more to up the ante and try giving a bit more than you think you can. I promise it isn’t as painful as you may think it is.

Let me help convince you.


Three Reasons You Should Donate Money

1. We are the richest in the world.

Yes, we. You and I.

No, I don’t know the exact amount you make and you don’t know the exact amount I make but I can tell you right now, it’s probably in the top 10% of the world. Want to find out exactly how rich you are? Click Here. Even if all you have is clothes on your back, food in your stomach and a roof over your head you are richer than people in other countries.

For me, being grateful and humbled by what I have and reminding myself what others don’t have is a sure fire way to get me to loosen my tight grip on my bank account. It’s pretty hard to convince myself I’m poor or I need all of my money when I learn about so many others who have much less than I do and are struggling much more than I am. Why should I give my hard earned money away? Because I have the money and then some to give. Which brings me to my next point..


2. You have enough.

I know it can be hard or scary to think about giving some of your money away because the thought creeps in of “Will I have enough?” But believe me, you will and you do.

We think we need it all, all the purchases, all the expenses, all the bills even. But we don’t need it all, and if we have enough money for all those things, we have enough money to go without a little in order to help someone else.

Part of giving is trusting that your needs will be taken care of too. Trusting that God is going to provide for your needs no matter how much money you give to others for their needs will grow your relationship with Him even more.

It’s easy to say you trust God while you have a big chunk of money sitting in your account. It’s another thing when you feel like you need to buy someone’s groceries but you also have to pay for yours. Knowing that you do have enough and trusting that your needs will be met even if you give some away is the best way to grow your heart and faith.


3. People need love, and sometimes that means money.

There are so many causes out there these days that you can find anything that pulls on your heart strings to give to. It doesn’t have to be a church or bell ringer around the holidays.

Search out any non-profit online and you’ll find causes upon causes to support. Even beyond nonprofits look outside your front door. I can guarantee there are people right now in your community that are struggling to make ends meet, or just got a huge hospital bill they don’t know how they are going to pay, or a car just broke down. You don’t have to donate to a far off charity to help and bless others, you can meet needs right in your backyard and feed into the community you are in.

People need love but sometimes that love needs more than just saying it, it needs some money to back it up. It’s how the world works, money doesn’t buy happiness but it does put food on the table, gets a car working again and heats a home.

Giving your words of encouragement and love are always a nice thought but they are just that, a thought. Giving away your hard earned money is action and action that speaks volumes.


I know it is tempting to build your money up in a pile in the bank or spend it all on things you want before it gets there. (Yes, even I have that urge!) But if you’ve read this all the way through, I’d encourage you to try for a month giving away money to things you want to be apart of, things you want to help with.

I encourage you to skip the coffee stand and a few other purchases and put that money towards something good for others. I’m positive your heart will grow in the process. On the plus side, you can always come back and chew me out if you hate it. ;)