3 Questions to Decide: Is It Worth the Money?

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Ah, the age old question; Is it worth it?

It can be asked about many a things but when it is most important to ask is when it has to deal with spending your money.

So many times we get in the habit of shopping and spending money that we throw something in the cart without even a second thought. Then we get home and maybe do whatever it is with the item that we wanted and in a couple of months send it off to the Goodwill box.

Meanwhile, we have little to no money in the bank and can’t understand where it all goes because everything in your life is staying the same?

If any of this sounds familiar, you are not alone, in fact, you are the norm.

But with your finances these days, doing what everyone else is doing will actually get you nowhere.

So today I wanted to give you some tools to help you fight the urge to spend and specifically to stop you from making a purchase if it’s not worth it.

Those tools are three questions to ask yourself to decide if something is worth the money or not!

Shall we?

3 Questions to Decide: Is It Worth The Money?

1. Will I LOVE it in a week/month/year?

Seems obvious enough of a question and yet if you go back through your last five purchases I bet you never really stopped for a moment and asked yourself this question. We are accustomed to that new purchase high and mistake that for loving an item, when in reality that is just a feeling from having something new.

Before you assume that because you got excited when you saw it, you should buy it, step back and ask yourself if in a week you’ll still be this excited, happy, or in love with this item? In a month will you be SO glad you bought this and still SO happy when you see or use the item? In one year will it still be a purchase you would make again, one you’re not tired of, and one that continues to bring you joy because you love it still?

Ask yourself these questions and if the answer is anywhere close to no, put the item back and walk away slowly.

Just kidding... run!


2. Is this going to change my life for the better in any way?

Now, you may be thinking, “Woha Lydia, that’s a bit dramatic don’t you think? Not every purchase needs to change our life!”

But you see, I would argue that yes, yes it should, maybe not in a major way, but every purchase you make should add to your life in a positive way.

This is your money, most likely earned by giving your time, spending it should not be taken lightly in any way! This doesn't mean that every purchase has to be huge and life changing, but the question should most definitely be asked how is it going to add to your life?

This doesn’t mean you can never buy home decor because it’s not changing my life drastically, but it does mean that you shouldn’t just buy home decor because “It’s cheap/cute” or “We need to fill this space”. You want to move away from making mindless purchases and move towards making mindful purchases.

Staying with the example of home decor, I know that I am someone that works well in homey and cozy spaces. I loved my one bedroom apartment a whole lot more when I framed a couple song lyrics, put up a shelf, and hung a picture.

The few additions made it feel more homey and I genuinely still get happy looking at them on the wall. So, all those purchases truly have brought positivity in my life and helped me be okay staying in this apartment a little longer as we save for a house.

Now, did I need those things? No. But were they worth it to me to buy because of the impact  (even if it is small) on my life. Yes. I didn’t just purchase some decor because a wall was empty and I didn’t just grab something because it was cheap.

Make sure your hard earned money is being spent on something that you love and will bring something to your life.


3. Can I get it anywhere cheaper/is it worth the money?

If your item has passed the other two questions the last one (which is kind of a double question) to ask is if it’s worth the money and/or if you can get it anywhere cheaper.

The first two questions are extremely important, but of course all of this is a mute point if you don’t have the money in your budget or if something is grossly overpriced.

I’m sure there are a lot of things out there that would bring us a lot of joy and we would love for the next ten years that are out of our price range. (My own swimming pool comes to mind.) But of course we have to make sure the money someone is asking for that item is worth it as well.

Whether you think the price they are asking for it is fair or not you should always do a quick Google search to answer the question; Can I get it anywhere cheaper?

Don’t assume you’ve found the best price and don’t assume that things won’t go on sale. It’s the twenty first century, there is no reason you can’t pull out your phone and do a quick price check. If the question comes back with this store having the best price, congratulations you just bought yourself a new item!


I hope those three questions serve you well the next time you are out and about shopping. I encourage you to write them down and try them out! Make sure and leave a comment letting me know how it went and what did or didn’t make the cut! It’ll be different for everyone and that’s the best part.

I just want your hard earned money to go to things that are just that, hard earned and worth it.

Asking these three questions gets them there.

Hope this helped!