How Netflix Is Killing Your Potential

If you ever thought that one more episode couldn't hurt, you need to read this article. And if you don't think you have the time, then repin to read later! Netflix, the beloved past time is killing all our hopes, dreams, goals, and potential. Let me explain how..

If you are reading this already, good for you. You clicked on this title even though in the back of your mind you know it might lead to you stopping watching the beloved Netflix. And when I say beloved, I do mean beloved. I'm pretty sure there is nothing that comes close (for me at least) to the feeling of sitting on your couch in the most comfy position and bingeing seasons of shows.

There is just no comparison in feeling, or at least not one that I've found yet.

But thats kind of the problem. Where before you might get bored sitting watching TV all day long, with commercial interruptions and having to be on the TV's schedule instead of your own, never being able to pause. Now they've made it perhaps the best and easiest american past time. With the next episode ready to go before you've decided if you have the time.

It's unstoppable.

But truthfully, it's an addiction, and one thats not doing any good for us twenty somethings trying to conquer the world. Why? Because it's killing our potential.

Why Netflix Is Killing Your Potential


The first time I really realized that I was addicted to Netflix was shortly after I quit watching it. I knew I really enjoyed it but I didn't think I was addicted (that's a scary word isn't it?), but I knew it was taking away a lot of my time to do other things. So I cut it out.

A short time later I was scrolling through my Facebook feed  and saw a photo of an actor. I recognized him as an actor from a show I had been watching awhile back but forgot about after it ran out of episodes. I knew it had been a long time since I'd watched it so I knew there had to be new episodes out.

You guys the feeling that came over me to click over to Netflix was one of the strongest I've ever had, and it's embarrassing just writing that! I think I actually did click over and look for the episodes and then realized what the heck I was doing. But I just stayed on that screen thinking of how nice it would be to just sit down and watch a few episodes. All of a sudden the justification of, "I've done enough work today" came to mind, along with all other reasons of why I could do this, why really I should do this.

It was kind of scary.

I saw one photo of an actor that reminded me of his show and was instantly ready to give up on my goals for the day and break my promise to myself. It was in these moments staring at the screen and feeling like I couldn't click away where I was like, "oh crap, this is like, not cute or funny anymore, this is a real live problem."

"This is an addiction."

I instantly exited and closed my laptop.


I'll admit, it's not a problem to relax after a long day and watch your favorite show that always makes you laugh. It's not a problem to sit at dinner with your spouse and enjoy a show that you both love to watch together. (For Greg and I it's The Office, and the only thing I watch still, but only with him.)

It's a problem when you are late for meeting a friend because your episode hadn't ended in time. It's a problem when you are up at 1am when your alarm goes off at 6am just to get to the end of the season. It's a problem when you are choosing a TV show, over your personal goals, dreams, and/or relationships.

In short, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

We, especially as twenty somethings, have a lot to conquer, a lot of dreams. To go along with that, we all have a ton of potential to do these things, but we don't always see it. We hide our potential without knowing it under time fillers like Facebook or Netflix.

We get sucked into watching character's lives that we stop acting in ours.

I promise you. Every dream you have, every goal you want to achieve, every plan in your life you have, will be crushed by sitting on your butt and watching that next episode.

Why? Because those dreams and goals and plans you have start now. They are what's buffering constantly but with them you have to actually do something about it. They won't just start while you sit on your bum away from the remote.

If right now, you are spending hours a week watching your favorite show then nothing is ever going to come of your potential and those dreams.

Think about if you spent at least one hour a day working towards what ever that dream is, working on that potential you have. Now imagine even more time than that.

Netflix is doing nothing to grow you as a young adult and help launch you into the life you want. It's distracting you from the fact that you don't have that life, and it is inhibiting you from creating it. There is so much in this world we could rock and become rock stars of our own life but we are spending too much time on things that numb us. Things that keep us stagnate. Things that are killing that potential we have in our life.

We think because it's not drugs or nicotine that we can't be addicted or "it's not that bad". Don't wait for your Facebook scrolling moment like I had to realize. I'm telling you right now.

Netflix is killing your potential.


Stop wasting time on things that are wasting your time.

Too simple? Then why haven't we done it yet?

We have so much more to do and get out of life then finding out who "A" is, or who the bachelor will pick, or who will be the next to be killed by walkers? Trust me, it never ends up being as satisfying as we think.

There are so many things that suck your time, Netflix is mine and maybe yours or maybe it's not. The point is to find that thing that is killing your potential, taking your time and attention and to cut it out! Start working on kicking butt instead of kicking back and doing nothing.

Harness that potential you have, prepare for opportunities that you will be given and practice that talent of yours. You have potential to be great. How do I know this? Because we all do! We are all called to something in this life and we feel it in our gut. But we numb it with being "busy" and things that give us immediant satisfaction, like the next episode.

So the "solution" is you! It is you starting now! Starting the work, starting the practice, the disciple to reach that scary thing that you kinda want to do but your not sure if you can. Start it now!

Your potential isn't waiting for you, with every passing day it's dying, getting farther and farther away.

So Netflix might be killing your potential, but by not doing anything, you're letting it.


Let's chat!

Do you feel like you have a problem with Netflix too? Or do you have something else that you see as killing your potential? What do you always think about doing but never act on? How can you change that?

and then,

How can I help you do that? :)