My $25 Monthly Budget Review: May 2018

My $25 monthly budget review May.png

It’s that time again. Where I disect everything I bought over the month and share with you how I spend only $25 a month for “fun stuff” or any non-essential really. I share this to be transparent with you about my budgeting and to actually show you how and what you can buy for a small amount of money.

It can get annoying hearing advice from someone about what to do but then they never show you how they do it specifically. So that’s what this is. Now, here is my usual disclosure:

As I always say, in case you are new around here I only spend $25 a month on unnecessary items. My husband and I have a very minimal budget and keep unnecessary purchases to a minimum. But, I still have a great life, enjoy shopping and have a great wardrobe/home (in my humble opinion), so I want to share my purchases with you to show you that you too can live on a minimal spending budget.

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What I have to spend:

Rolled Over from April: +$4.27
May's Budget: +$25.00
Total allowed to spend: $29.27


$6.53 White Ikea Office Chair

So if you saw in my April budget review I had purchased a pink office chair for only $2 that I had planned on painting white. Well, turns out painting it would of ended up being close to $20 since it was plastic so I had just been using it as is, even though I wasn’t the biggest fan. But behold, I went to Goodwill one day and found basically the same exact cahir but in white for $6. You bet I rolled that sucker around those linolum floors to the checkout with pride!

Bonus: I ended up selling the pink chair on Facebook marketplace and made my money back while someone got a pink chair they wanted. Win win!

$1.95 Grey Duvet Cover (originally $15)

I’m pretty sure I talked about this for over a week straight when I got it. I was that pumped about it. I have been wanting to get a new bedspread for while because the one we were using I have had for almost 10 years. While it was still pretty, I wanted a more neutral change. Grey was the color I was looking for!

So imagine my delight when I find a grey duvet cover hanging on the Goodwill rack one day. I will tell you though, I took the smallest of risks that day and left it at the store overnight. Why? Becuase it was $15 on a Sunday night and I knew that come Monday morning it would be $1.79 and that my friend was worth the risk.

Which, as you can tell paid off because I got a new bedroom look for under $2!

$2.73 Grey & White West Elm Striped Shower Curtain

In a continued effort to be transparent I can tell you that in retrospect I probably shouldn’t have bought this.

I already had a shower curtain I loved but thought I could use the fabric of this one for something else. I didn’t end up doing that and was trying to resell it on Facebook marketplace but haven’t sold it yet. It was definitely a good deal, but I just didn’t need it which makes it an unwise purchase, whether it was only $2.50 or not.

So it sat in my closet for a few months and when my sister moved back into the state and needed a cute shower curtain I gave it up. So I guess she got a win out of it? ;)

$3.26 Black & White Aztec Pattern Pillow

This my friend. THIS.

I’m pretty sure Greg is rolling his eyes wherever he is right now as I type again about pillows but you guys, this one takes the cake. I had been looking at an Instagram account I follow that had a picture of a black and white aztec pattern pillow I loved. I even commented asking where it was from because I had been searching for one like it.

Not even 12 hours later I walk into Goodwill and find an almost identical pillow sitting pretty waiting for me. I said “Thanks Jesus!” and gladly gave Goodwill some more of my money!


$3.27 Two Grey & White Striped Pillows

So if you couldn’t already tell I’ve been on a pillow kick. After getting my grey duvet cover I "had" to start looking for new pillows because my previous ones wouldn’t work with the new grey color.

I’m too cheap for new pillow prices so thrift stores it was! Even though I found these cute ones they didn’t work. They ended up not looking exactly how I thought they would. Alas, another unwise purchase. But I’m hanging on to them for a little bit in case I find another place for them. :)


$2.23 Two Frames

I wanted to put two frames up in the bedroom with part of a scripture on each one so I got two bigger sized frames from the dollar tree. FYI Dollar Tree frames are the hub for wall decor!


$.50 Poster Board

I just got a big poster board and cut it instead of buying the exact size I wanted for the frames. Then I designed the quote on my computer, printed it out and traced it. It turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself!


$13.06 Two Blue Velvet Pillows

The title of this monthly budget review could also be called:

“Lydia decides to try all the pillows and Greg constantly trips over the ones she doesn’t end up using”

BUT! Let me just say that it was all leading up to this moment. The blue velvet pillow moment.

These were what I had been wanting but thought I would never find at Goodwill and much less for a good price. So when I saw these I hugged them a little too tight. But they were in perfect condition, the exact shade I had imagined and while a little bit more than I would typically had wanted to spend, (I had just bought two for under $4 mind you) worth it to me since they were exactly what I wanted.

In case you were wondering these bad boys went on my bed with my new duvet and though it’s not complete yet, they fit the asetic very nicely! ;)

Total Spent: $33.53
Lydia's Budget: -$4.26

It was the velvet pillows that sent me over the edge but I still have no regrets. I just have a little less to spend next month. ;) I usually don't do budgets this way but once in awhile there is a deal I can't pass up. Once. In. A. While.

If you’ve been trying to cut back your spending. DO IT! It can be done my friends! Also, it gets really fun to find great deals and save your money at the same time. I hope this inspires you to change your spending and motivate you to keep sticking to your spending budgets!

Talk soon!