My $25 Monthly Budget Review: August 2018

My $25 monthly budget review August-2.png

August is up already!?

Yes, because I spent all my budget early this month which means I can batch write it with my other posts. :) Also, I’m totally fine that I spent all my budgeted amount because I bought myself the planner I had needed! Hallelujah! So let's get to it!

Psst! As I always say, in case you are new around here I only spend $25 a month on unnecessary items. My husband and I have a very minimal budget and keep unnecessary purchases to a minimum. But, I still have a great life, enjoy shopping and have a great wardrobe/home (in my humble opinion), so I want to share my purchases with you to show you that you too can live on a minimal spending budget.


August 2018

Total Rolled Over From July: $10.08
August Budget Amount: $25.00
Total Able to Spend: $35.08

$3.24 Blue Embroidered Top

In case you were wondering if I’m off my clothing kick I’m not, and probably still won’t be for a little while. ;)

I haven’t even been able to wear this find yet because it has been so hot out but it’s so beautiful! It’s a blue long sleeve flowy shirt with embroidery on the top. It was originally six at Goodwill but I got it for half off! A $3 beautiful shirt yes please!


$2.20 Blue Tank Top

Speaking of it being too hot I have been wearing this constantly.

I realized in these summer months I don’t have many sleeveless or short sleeve shirts. So when this one was only $2 I snagged it and I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve worn it. It’s larger which makes it perfect for tucking, tying and just not feeling too tight altogether. For summer months size up in clothing, at thrift stores it broadens what you can buy and you don’t want tight fitting clothing in the summer anyways.


$21.79 Planner

What took up most of my budget was in fact this planner.

I finished the planner I was currently using and wanted to find a specific type for the next year. Sadly you usually can’t find the best deals in the world on planners so I knew that August’s budget would be mostly spent on it.

But as I say, look at your money and you can see your priorities and as much as I love making my house a home (home decor) and nice looking outfits (cute clothes), I like planning and hard work more and I need a planner for that! The one I got was from Target and was black with gold stripes. I mean can you imagine any other colors I'd pick? ;)


$5.00 Two Patterned Canvas Rugs

Okay, so I’ve been wanting a different rug for months now. I’ve been scouring places to no avail because trying to find the perfect rug for a good price is next to impossible.

Then one day while perusing Facebook Marketplace I found two canvas rugs, (which yes is essentially fabric but it was going over carpet so I didn’t really need it to be thick) in the type of pattern I had wanted for $5. I assumed it was $5 each which was still a good deal, but no, $5 total. I thought it was a dream but alas they are in my house so I guess not.

They are small and our living room is actually pretty big for a one bedroom apartment but the space we actually use of it for our couch, tv and coffee table is small so it actually fits perfectly there. I have yet to find the perfect spot for the second one, but don't worry I will!

Also fun fact, my sister is about to have a baby and has hardwood floors so she was wanting to get a rug so my nephew could be on his playmate on a rug. However, just like myself couldn't find an affordable one. So guess who got the rug that we used to have in our living room? I mean two new to us rugs for the very low price of one. Best deal ever.


$5.44 Yellow Bohemian Pillow

I know. A pillow. Again. You guys I can’t not look when I go to Goodwill.

This time Greg came with me and when I rounded the corner holding this gem of a find he just smiled and I said ‘you’ll never guess what I found’. ;)

At first he really didn’t get why I liked it so much so I sent a picture to one of our friends to let him know that I would be stupid to not buy this. And of course the friend confirmed. So the pillow of my dreams came home with us that day and is happily a member of our couch family.


Total Able to Spend: $35.08
Total Spent: $37.67
Rolling Over to September: -$2.59

That beautiful bohemian pillow sent me over the edge and I really didn't like that. So when I got home I took the two yellow pillows that I had on my couch (I bought them in my December Budget post) and posted them on Facebook Marketplace for $10 total (assuming someone would haggle me down to $5 but they paid full price) and they were bought a couple days later. So since we are out of debt, and not saving for anything particular anything Greg and I sell of our own items we get to spend the money so $10 made from pillows I was ready to replace anyway. Score! If you haven't taken advantage of reselling things, start now! :)


I hope this post inspires you friends that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have nice things or even the things you want. You just have to be patient and have standards for what you will and will not pay! I promise it makes it so worth it! :)

Talk soon!