My $25 Monthly Budget Review: June & July 2018

My $25 monthly budget review June & july.png

Today’s post I’ve combined June & July’s budgets because I didn’t buy as many items as usual for June. That’s what buying hair dye (and being over the month before) does to my budget. But when you are basically grey at 25 you have to make adjustments.

Psst! As I always say, in case you are new around here I only spend $25 a month on unnecessary items. My husband and I have a very minimal budget and keep unnecessary purchases to a minimum. But, I still have a great life, enjoy shopping and have a great wardrobe/home (in my humble opinion), so I want to share my purchases with you to show you that you too can live on a minimal spending budget.

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JUNE 2018

Here is where I left off in May:

Leftover from May: -$4.26
June Budget: +$25.00
Total to Spend for June: +$20.74


$14.41 Hair Dye

Like I said my hair is almost all grey so I dye it to as close to my natural color as I can. For now I’ve kept hair dye in my personal budget. I only do it about three times a year so far and it works fine that way.

There may be a time where I move this out of my personal budget and into household items like I do with our face wash. Being completely grey in my twenties and wanting to dye my hair back to it's natural color isn’t just a frivolous want for our budget as we see it, and budgets are nothing if they are not unique to each person or couple.

So similar to the reason my foundation does not come out of my personal fund we think it is definitely not a basic need of existence, but is something that is pretty important to me on a somewhat regular basis. Oh, AND, this thought process is all only true because it’s $15 to dye my hair. (I just pay for the dye and a friend does it for me for free. She isn’t a stylist, just naturally gifted and generous with her time.) If dyeing my hair was over $100 it wouldn’t be a normal thing for me at all.

Did I over explain hair dye? Probably. But I’d rather over explain than under explain and not have you guys get me. ;) But you get me don't ya?


$1.08 White Flowy Shirt

If you’ve been following these posts for a while you’ve probably realized I’ve been on a home decor kick. We recently painted our apartment from fake wood paneling to white walls and now I want all the home decor. But, then I had one of those morning closet days where you don’t like anything you own and realized that I actually hadn’t bought clothes in many many months. So off I went to Goodwill and said, skip the home decor and buy some shirts you love Lydia.

This white flowy shirt was one of them. As of the date this post is going up you can see it on my home page. It had a tiny spot on the front that I didn’t notice until I got up to the cashier and when I asked her about it she said she would give it to me for a dollar because of it. I guess it pays to see spots sometimes. Especially when it's not bad enough to not wear the shirt but was bad enough that I wasn’t going to spend $3 on it. So WIN!


$4.36 Maroon Floral Shirt

The same day I found a maroon floral large shirt for $4 that I loved and snagged right up. I’ve been loving more flowy and breathable shirts for this summer. I love things that I can tie at the waist, tuck in or wear just flowing out. This was all of that and more. ;)


Total to Spend: $20.74
Total Spent: $19.85
Rolling Over to July: $.89


JULY 2018


Rolled Over to July: $.89
July Budget: $25

Total to Spend: $25.89
(Hey, when you are thrifting $.89 makes a difference! ;) )


$4.32 Mascara

I hate buying mascara. Let me just say that up front.

When you buy a shirt for $1 it’s hard to buy something so small for even $4 (which is the cheapest ones). Also, this was a new one that I wanted to try from elf and I was severely disappointed.

So I’ve been suffering through for awhile now but need to bite the bullet and buy a new one. If anyone has any recommendation for mascara that is cheap, not waterproof and looks good let me know!


$3.31 Eyeliner

Again, tried a new eyeliner because I love doing a cat eye but hate the prices of a good eyeliner. This one was a new one from elf that I hadn't tried before. I might buy it again, it wasn't horrible, but I'm open to your suggestions friends! ;) 


$5.45 Mexican Blanket

I had wanted one of these blankets forever now and never bought one. Until the day I walked into my local thrift store and found two, two of them hanging with the other blankets for $5 each. I instantly picked which one I wanted, the blush pink one thank you very much, and bought it. Then upon driving away told my sister what I had just scored and promptly turned around when she said “I want the other one!”. Matching sister blankets. Yes please!


$2.23 White with Blue Embroidered Top

Again, I’ve been trying to buy more clothes so I’ve been heading to that section at Goodwill each time. This trip I found a simple but cute white shirt with a blue embroidered top for $2. Yes please! I forgot what good deals you can find in clothing since I haven't shopped for them in so long. I'm loving it guys!


$.50 Black & White Striped Tank

I also ended up finding this basic white with black stripes tank top for half off $1 because of the sale that day. I didn’t have anything like it and it works well with the hot weather we Washingtonians have been having and are not used to! For $.50 you can't really go wrong with a basic tank top like that!

Total Allowed to Spend: $25.89
Total Spent: $15.81
Rolling Over to August: $10.08

All and all I’d say that June & July were swimming with good deals and beautiful finds and I still didn't even spend all of my money. Whenever I write these posts it just makes me want to go out and find more deals! But alas I’ll have to leave that up to you friends! Share your finds with me on Instagram!