My $25 A Month Budget March 2018

My $25 monthly budget review march.png

I didn’t end up spending that much this month but I definitely did buy a lot of wire baskets. Four to be exact. Apparently each month I have a theme of what I buy.

So since I didn’t spend that much and I had rollover money from last month, April will for sure have some extra money for me to spend. Just you wait! ;)

Let’s dive into March first though shall we?

Psst! As I always say, in case you are new around here I only spend $25 a month on unnecessary items. My husband and I have a very minimal budget and keep unnecessary purchases to a minimum. But, I still have a great life, enjoy shopping and have a great wardrobe/home (in my humble opinion), so I want to share my purchases with you to show you that you too can live on a minimal spending budget.


My $25 A Month Budget March 2018

Rolled Over From February: $6.76
March’s New Budget: $25
Total allowed to spend: $31.76

$2.17 Wire Basket With Handle

My husband surprised me recently built me shelves in our little kitchen. They are beautiful and he hates making things like that so whenever I look at them I know he must really have a crush on me. ;)

I’d been wanting little wire baskets to set on these shelves right when he put them up so when I found one at Goodwill with wood handles for only $2 I snagged it! I put my apron in it with some cute serving spoons that I love, and I don’t want to brag, but it’s pretty darn cute! ;)


$2.18 Two Gold Wire Baskets

My sister sent me a text that said “Walmart has pack of two gold wire baskets for $2” and I said, “Can you come pick me up and take me?” (My car was in the shop.)

So that evening we went to Walmart and I bought myself a two pack of more wire baskets. They are gold but they are a different shade of most of the gold I have in my house so I might spray paint them to match, but for now they’ve been cute sitting on my shelves and for only $1 each it was worth the trip.


$2.50 Another Wire Basket With Handle

Did you think I was exaggerating when I said I bought a lot of wire baskets? No, I really did. Truthfully I could still buy more and be happy. I think they are so cute and perfect for storage. There is nothing I need more in my apartment than cute storage!

This one’s handles were white plastic but still cute and I have them sitting on that same kitchen shelving with hand towels in them. I’m a big fan of the wire baskets you guys!


$2.99 Two Brackets

This is one of those “purchases for an unknown future”. After Greg had built those shelves I learned that the brackets to make them are $5 each and those are the cheap ones. So when I found two brackets for shelves at Goodwill for only $3 I snagged them.

I don’t have any plans right now for more shelves but maybe eventually or maybe in a future house. So I bought them and just tucked them away in storage for now.


$2.00 Basket

No, it’s not a wire basket. It’s a rectangular woven one. A few months ago if you remember I found a basket for my living room for only $6 to put my blankets and pillows in. Well this basket I found was different but also really cute and only $2 so I bought it and figured I would find a space for it.

Probably not the smartest idea and although it’s cute I’m not sure it’s going to work out for me so I may just give it to a friend. But it was still a good deal and mistake purchase or not it came out of my fund so of course I have to share! ;)


$.50 Pitcher

I’d been wanting one of those cute pitchers that has a wide mouth opening all around the top. I found one at my local thrift store for only $.50 so you bet I bought that baby! Then I went home and displayed it proudly on those new kitchen shelves! (Can you sense a pattern with these purchases?)


$.60 Hearth & Hand Mug

When walking through the mug isle I gravitated towards this clay like mug with a gardening pot looking bottom and yellow spots on it. When I picked it up I realized it was from the new Magnolia collection at Target.

Truth be told I’ve never really watched their show but I had heard about their new line from everywhere so I recognized the brand! Apparently someone quickly regretted their purchase and got rid of it because there it sat at the thrift store and I made sure it went in my cart. It’s actually the perfect size and I really like the look of it so I would of bought it brand or no brand, but it did make me feel like I was getting a better deal knowing it was a new product out!


Total allowed to spend: $31.76
Total Spent: $13.43
Rolled Over To April: $18.33

If you are thinking, “Lydia, are you ever going to actually spend $25?” Don’t worry, in April I make up for my past minimal purchases and buy some full priced items that catch me up! ;)

Hope March’s purchases inspire you to minimize your budget but maximize what you can get for that budget. Your quality of life doesn’t have to decrease just because your budget does! Trust me! :)

Till next week!