My $25 A Month Budget April 2018

My $25 monthly budget review april.png

I was able to spend quite a bit more this month because of last month’s lack of spending so this post will be a bit longer. I hope you enjoy!

Psst! As I always say, in case you are new around here I only spend $25 a month on unnecessary items. My husband and I have a very minimal budget and keep unnecessary purchases to a minimum. But, I still have a great life, enjoy shopping and have a great wardrobe/home (in my humble opinion), so I want to share my purchases with you to show you that you too can live on a minimal spending budget.

My $25 A Month Budget April 2018

Rolled Over From March: $18.33
April’s Budget: $25.00
Total Allowed to Spend: $43.33


$10.40 Black High Waisted Pants

One of two purchases made from a non-thrift store that helped catch me up on spending my budget! ;)

I have a pair of these pants already from Forever 21 but I’ve worn them so much I think I wore them out so I bought a new pair that was more fitting and not so tight around my stomach. I still have my original pair that I wear on some occasions but it’s nice to have a fresh newer pair that looks nicer. Plus for $10 I can’t beat the fit and look of these pants.


$10.41 Green Trousers

I don’t know how else to describe these pants but I honestly have wanted a pair of pants like these ones I found with a tie in the front. Truth be told I wanted them to be polka dot but army green looked pretty good too and was cheaper.

I wore these for Easter and they were so comfortable but also looked fancy and stylish that I wish I had more pairs. For now though, these ones fit the spot in my heart. :)


$2.00 Pitcher

Remember last month how I found that pitcher for $.50? Well I found the same one for $2.00 and had I not been on an exact hunt for one (I was hosting a party for a friend and wanted two matching ones) I might have left it and looked for a better deal another day. But $2 is not horrible and the way I looked at it is I got two pitchers for $2.50 and that’s not a bad deal!

I put this one on the shelf next to the other one and I bet you can guess how good that looked! :)


$2.13 Chair

I’d been needing an officer chair because I had just been using our dining room chair and it wasn’t quite comfortable nor stylish sitting at my desk. So when I found an Ikea office chair at Goodwill for only $2 I rolled that thing all over the store until I rolled it up to the checkout line.

The only problem is it was bright pink. I wasn’t a big fan of the pink so my plan was to paint it but that didn’t end up happening because it turned out it would cost around $15 just to paint it. I’m not a fan of DIY when it costs more than it would to buy the product! (Check out next month's budget post to find out what I did instead.)


$3.30 Book

I found a marriage book I’d been wanting to read but never got around to ordering. I literally just happened to glance down one of the isles and see it so I grabbed it and have been really enjoying it so far!


$5.50 Shower Curtain

The shower curtain I had before I bought this one I had got like four years ago because it was cheap and matched my towels at the time. It was really bright and I was never the biggest fan but because there was nothing wrong with it, (and I had taken a break from spending money) I couldn’t justify buying a new one. Plus, shower curtains I feel like are one of those things that are more expensive than they need to be!

So when I saw a white one at Goodwill with a little bit of a pattern on it and tassels at the end for only $5 I grabbed it. We have a window in our shower as well and the previous shower curtain blocked out that light from the window. Now, having a white one it is so much brighter in the bathroom! I’m a big fan and love that I was able to make a small but big change in that room for such a small amount of money!


$3.20 Hand Towels

With getting a new shower curtain I’ll need to eventually get some towels that match better. But that same day I did find some hand towels that matched it, two for $3. So that is a start. Now I’ll be on the lookout in the next few months for a white bathroom rug and some bigger towels to match as well.


$1.95 Mustard/Gold Blanket

I saw this blanket and immediately grabbed it. I then proceeded to text my friend and asked if it was her mom’s that she donated because I could of sworn her mom had the same one. She texted back with a picture of the same blanket in her house saying no because she had her mom’s and that I should buy it’s twin.

Jokes on her I was already planning on it. ;) Thus the matching friendship blanket was born! She hasn’t agreed to that name yet but I think it’s catchy!

Really though, it’s super soft and has tassels on the edge. It’s originally from Pier 1 and looks so good against my deep blue couch. I’m a big fan! I’ve been using it every morning when I sit and read with my coffee. Plus you can’t beat the $2 price from the tag sale that day!

Total Allowed to Spend: $43.33
Total Spent: $39.06
Rolling Over to May: $4.27


As you can see I caught up quite a bit from my lack of spending the previous months. I’m telling you friends, once you take a step back from spending you can actually do a lot with what little bit you have and you also realize you don’t want that much more!

I hope this encourages you to try cutting back on your budgets or spending without cutting out the fun things in life. I promise you can have both! ;)

We’ll talk soon!