My $25 Monthly Budget : September 2017

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That’s what this post would say if it could talk. But it can’t so I said it for it.

Friends, I have great news! The $25 monthly budget has returned and with it, the blog post where I share what I spend it on!

In case you are new around these parks, Greg and I used to have $25 each a month that we could spend on whatever we wanted. I started sharing what I got each month about a year or so ago and it quickly became one of my most popular blogs posts. Sadly though, shortly after starting that series, we took it out of the budget.

It was a sad day, but it was the right decision for us financially at the time and I’m glad we did it in the end. That started the year of minimal spending which I talk about in this post: What I Learned From A Year of Minimal Shopping.

But, now we’re making a bit more money because of some extra streams of income so we’ve decided to reinstate it. Cue happy dancing!

So, here I am sharing what I spent my $25 on in September in order to give you a real life glimpse of what minimal spending looks like and how I spend it.

I do these posts to give you a look inside someone’s budget beyond just numbers. I could just as easily share our budget and leave it at “and we set aside $25 for me”. But if it was me I’d want to know how someone only spends $25 on themselves, or $200 on food, or $30 on household supplies. (Yes, you can click on all those and find the related blog post!)

Obviously everyone is different and what they would buy with their money is different but this way you at least get a glimpse at what it looks like to only spend $25 on yourself in a month.

Enough talking, let’s do it!

My $25 Monthly Budget : September 2017

$9.80 Beautiful Black Flats

These shoes.

The first shoes I bought in over a year. Also the shoes that I left the store without buying the first time and then convinced my sister’s friend to drive us back out to the store a couple of days later because I had major not-buyers-remorse.

It’s a real thing guys, and it’s the best way to know you for sure want an item. (Try it sometime!) I had been wanting a pair of these ballerina type flats for a while and these ones have elastic crossing over the top of the feet which makes them so much more comfy and less work than the straps you have to tie. Plus, cute! Win win!

I now have no regrets.


$5.44 Ottoman

Ah, yes, the beautiful $5 ottoman that now sits against a wall in my apartment acting as a perfect little bench for an extra sitting area. This isn't the exact one but it looks almost identical! I’m still smitten with that ottoman and love how it looks in my apartment.

I’d been wanting an ottoman for our apartment but could never find the right size for the right (affordable) price, even at thrift stores. So the day I spotted this beauty in perfect condition at Goodwill I expected the price to be out-of-Lydia-budget, but was pleasantly surprised when the tag said $5.

The tag that, yes, I’ve left on the ottoman as a conversation piece to share with friends my exciting find. (Greg noticed the other day and said “Lydia you forgot to take the tag off!”, “No, no I didn’t.” :) )


$10.26 Headphones

Again, I had been wanting over the ear headphones for when I walk on the treadmill in the morning and found these on Amazon as a lighting deal. Fortunately/unfortunately Greg for my birthday got me a nicer pair of over the ear headphones that are Bluetooth so I would stop getting my arm twisted in the cord of these ones... So I don’t use these ones anymore but Greg has gotten use out of them so they haven’t been a complete waste!


$1.09 Beauty Sponge

I recently bought a new foundation (Greg and I decided together that foundation comes out of home supplies budget but not all makeup does, just foundation.) that needed a beauty sponge to be applied successfully. So I made a quick dollar tree run. Unfortunately it’s already breaking apart so I’m thinking of adding another one to my stocking stuffer list cause I don’t want to spend even a couple more dollars on something so small!


Total: $26.59

Okay, the elephant in the blog post. Yes, it’s over $25.

I know guys! It was my first month back please give me some grace on this one! The nice thing about the app Mint that I use for budgeting (post coming soon about that!) is that the money in a particular budget category can carry over, either negative or positive to the next month, which my budget is set up that way. So when October came I had -$1.59 aka only $23.41 to spend.

We don’t spend money in advance like that typically but when something like this happens it works out for us to just carry the “debt” over.

Also, in my defense I think the sponge was purchased on the last day of the month and I just didn’t want to run errands the next day. ;)

I hope a peek into my little monthly budget gives you ideas of how you can budget and spend minimally for yourself! I’ll see you on our next monthly report!

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