How To Live On Less And Still Give To Others

Today I’m excited to talk about giving because it is something I'm passionate about. It’s also something I think other people love to do, but a lot  just don’t know how, or worse, think they don’t have anything to give.

A while back I surveyed my audience about their financial situation and what their main goal for wanting to change was.

The funny thing was most people didn’t say things like, “I want to buy a new car!” or, “I’d love to be rich so I can own a mansion!” Most people wanted to be able to do things for others! Some wanted to be able to help out other family members, others wanted to do more volunteer work, and some wanted to start their own charities! 

It was so awesome to hear all about these people’s dreams that were not “me-centered” but focused on what they could do for others. The push behind writing this post was to teach people how to do it just that, but here now, right where they are at.

Like I said, most people don’t mind giving to others and a lot of times want to, they just don’t think they can and they just don’t know what to give.

Today I thought I’d dive into how exactly I live minimally and still give to others and how you can do the exact same thing!

Let’s get to it!

How To Live On Less And Still Give To Others

ONE // It's not all about the money, but it helps.

When you are living minimally it allows you, as I’ve said, to get your cost of living down by a lot. In doing this, again as I’ve said, you get to save a ton of money every month. But something I do with that money every month is give it away. (And I’m not just talking about your monthly “tithe” if that is how you think of giving.) It could be to church, a charity, or to someone who just needs some financial situation. Whatever comes up that month that I feel called to give towards.

You live minimally and have more money to save and that also means you have more money to give. This means you are perking up your ears when you hear about a need and realizing you have money in the bank that can help that person!  Maybe someone's car is breaking down, or  someone is trying to get out of a bad relationship but can’t afford the deposit on their own apartment. Maybe a single mom is just trying to make ends meet and needs money for food, or for her kid to take an extra curricular activity.

All of these scenarios happen all around us everyday, although they aren’t always obvious. A lot of people won’t come right out and say that they need money, but they might tell you a little bit about their troubles. It’s up to you to be on the look out and read between the lines for who could use some help financially and being willing to do just that.

Now that you have learned to live on less, you have more to give! Use this to help others and show them kindness and love. I promise you it’s an investment with a big return!

TWO // You have other things to give besides money!

So often we think of giving to others as primarily something we can only do if we have money in the bank! Truth is we are rich in many things besides money. Each of us are made with unique talents, gifts and abilities that no one else has duplicates of. Think of what comes easy to you that maybe others have to work at. Giving of your abilities sometimes can mean a lot more than just throwing cash at someone.

If you are really good at writing cover letters or even just proofreading, offer to help someone who is on the job hunt create theirs. Do you know a lot about cars either because you are a mechanic or just love it as a hobby? Offer to help fix the single mom’s car that just broke down or even offer to teach her a little about it too so she knows what to say when she goes into a mechanic’s office. Are you awesome at budgeting or finances? Sit down with a couple that is struggling to make ends meet and offer some advice to get them out of debt.

All of these things might seem simple or to the person who already knows how to do them, common sense. But the truth is they aren’t and a lot of people are in need of the skill you have in something. Don’t take what you have for granted and make sure to give it away to others when possible!

THREE // The most valuable thing you can give is not money or your liver, it's your time.

Time is your most precious and valued asset. It’s something that when given away, you can NEVER get back. Not many people think about it like that, but it’s true. When you give your time to someone you are saying that they are more important than all the things going on at that moment. That is a pretty big statement and it won’t go unnoticed.

Your time with them doesn’t always have to be spent working for them, maybe it is just listening and talking to them about what is going on in their life. Maybe time with them means praying for them and carrying some of their burdens for that day.

Of course it can mean being a servant and helping them out with a chore they can’t do on their own, or driving them around to appointments because they are recovering from a surgery and their husband is overseas, but it doesn’t have to be. People need people. We are better together.

It’s your job to be on the lookout for those you can serve, or needs you can meet even when you are living on less. Money isn't everything. Your time holds a lot more value.

Like I said, all of the scenarios mentioned above happen everyday around us, we just have to be listening for them and willing to act! We have it in us to change the world one act or person we help at a time. We just have to take action now!

I hope this helped encouraged you a little bit more to give to others, even if you think you have nothing to give. Even by living on less you can still bless others immensely! You just have to be willing to sacrifice a little, but it's good for us! :)