How To Rock Your Mornings And Your Life!

Feel like you can never stop hitting snooze? Constantly feel like your mornings are wasted by scrolling through your feed procrastinating the day? Let me help rock your mornings with developing the right habits to rock your life!

I've always been somewhat of a morning person. But I've noticed that as I got older it got a lot harder to get up in the morning. Mostly because I wasn't happy with what I was doing. I was getting up to jobs I didn't like, or too early of classes and I just wasn't satisfied. Never enough time to sleep, to eat, to get ready, you know the drill. Ever since I've been blogging full time I've forced myself to get up at that alarm of six am.

There are a few things that I've realized really helped this whole new process of starting your day early. Since I know a lot of others are not morning people I thought I would share some of the things I do to help get you started in the dreary "am".

How To Rock Your Mornings And Your Life!

O N E // Don't check social media

I heard someone once say that they don’t check social media for the first hour after waking up. Since then I started implementing that into my morning routine.

When you check social media right away a couple of things happen.

One, you are getting other peoples' opinions of you or just negative thoughts in your head right away. Whether it's because no one "liked" that picture, or because Cindy Loo went to Hawaii again and you are waking up to a messy bathroom in a small apartment. Whatever it is you’re looking at online that morning, chances are it is not lifting your spirit or encouraging you to have the best day.

Also, it wastes time anyways. I won't tell you how many times I woke up on time but was running late because I got distracted checking Facebook on my phone for the first 15 minutes of waking up.

So stop. Put it down. Don't check it for the first hour. Got it?

T W O // Read a devotional or some kind of personal development.

It could be your favorite devotional book, the Bible, or even just a personal development book you're going through. When you start your day out with truth from God and positivity, it sincerely sets you up for success. When the first things you are reading are stories of Jesus and His love, or a book on finding happiness (I just finished "Everyday a Friday") you are automatically setting good intentions in your mind. You are thinking positive about your day, yourself, and your life.

Choose something to read that is positive, makes you think, and/or challenges you. That way the rest of your day you can be chewing on that idea, or implementing that strategy, or sharing that positive thought to others.

Coming from someone who fights her mind constantly, trying to slow it down, and change the way it thinks, this tip has been instrumental in changing my mornings. It starts me off with a good outlook and makes me excited for the day and my life in general. (Something social media never does for me.)

T H R E E // Drink something that wakes you up.

The first thing you should be drinking every morning is a glass of water. In the morning your body is thirsty whether you recognize it or not. Drinking a large glass of water first thing in the morning is not only great for you but it helps to wake you up. Literally chug that baby.

I started making morning water drinking a habit a few years ago and even if I got tired from drinking I would stand their with the cup still poised on my mouth, swallow, take a breath and drink some more until the cup was empty. I'm not kidding you guys. This will do wonders for your body and your morning.

The next drink I would recommend is something warm or something that will wake you up. Especially if you are trying to get up earlier than usual to get these tips in. You need something that helps get the job done! Whether that is tea or coffee or hot chocolate. Whatever that is that makes you feel nice in the morning.

When I went to school I would have coffee in my to-go cup for a nice relaxing commute. When I started working I would wait till I got there and make myself a cup to enjoy for the first few hours of work. Now that I work from home (and am trying to get up earlier) I prepare it first thing in the morning and drink it with my morning reading. It not only gives me something to look forward to but also helps me not fall back asleep on that couch!

B O N U S // Find your big YES!

I have this friend. Husband of one of my best friends but friend to myself as well. ;) He worked a really labor intensive job where his coworkers weren't the best and he had to get up super early and come home super late some days. I once asked him how he could get up every day and go to work and just have a good attitude about it. When here I was working a waitress job complaining my butt off.

He told me that he has BHAG's (I know I didn't get it at first either) it stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goals. In order to get to a place where he can accomplish those, he has to say no to a lot of other things (like sleeping in) so that he can say yes to one big thing. Having goals helps you to know where you are going and to be excited about it! Goals give you momentum. Goals help give purpose to your everyday.

My advice would be to find your "Yes" to why you get up in the morning. If you response is to say, “nothing, I have nothing I’m excited about”, my response is to change it. It’s your life you have the freedom to make changes.

If you hate your job but it is a step to a goal or a job you do want then hold on and power through, that future job is your “yes”. Remember every morning why you are getting up, why you are working here, say "no" to quitting, sleeping in or slacking off so you can say "yes" to that promotion or dream job or whatever it is.

I hope you try implementing at least one of these into your morning routine. I promise it will help set your whole day right! No matter if you are a morning person or not!

Happy Sunday!


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