How To Find Your Passion

If you've ever asked yourself, "What should I do with my life?" or "What am I passionate about?" Number one, you are not alone. Number two, read this post. I'll help you find your passion! ;)

I’ve been doing a lot of posts about doing what you love and following your dreams. But I realized that there are some of you out there who actually don't have any idea what your "passion" is! It’s so sad to me because I feel like that means no one took the time to help you figure it out, or you weren't given the opportunities to learn them yourself.

Well I'm here to help!

To be honest I'm still continuing to learn what exactly sets me on fire! There are definitely a couple solid things that I know bring out emotion in me like nothing else. But I also know that there are many different things that we might love to do but never know because we simply don't ever do those things in the first place so we never develop the love for it.

I've put together a list of things for you to try doing in order to figure out what you are drawn to.

This list is small compared to the numerous things and spots for you in the world but I'm hoping this just gets your creative juices flowing and gives you an idea of the limitless new things to try! If you tried only a few things on this list I guarantee you will be a lot closer to figuring out your passion than before. Find out what your good at but then also find out what you love!

How to Find Your Passion


Paint a picture or abstract art
Sew something from a pattern or not!
Go take some photos of pretty scenery
Spend 20 hours learning the basics of an instrument
Try to draw something without tracing
Cook something totally new
Practice calligraphy


Take a dance class.
Read non-fiction books
Learn about how to fix one thing on a car
Try designing something online using basic HTML
Learn about investments
Watch some documentaries about something new


Volunteer at a retirement home
Help out at a non-profit (or donate financially)
Build something for someone
Plan a party for someone
Help someone budget, or help yourself
Give good advice to someone who asks
Use your money for good


Try a new sport
Sing a song in front of someone
Make up your own board game
Start Vlogging
Design your dream house
Work a physical labor job or if you do that already, try a job that uses your mind more
Write a poem
Start a blog

Like I said, you obviously don't have to do all of these things, but I would encourage you to try some that you don't think you'd love right off the bat. Simply because you never know. Things can surprise you, even yourself. You might find a love in something that you hadn't thought about. Let yourself be a kid again and try new things!

Be curious. Ask questions. Most importantly, let yourself be a beginner. Don't be afraid to not know anything about a topic. That's where everyone who has mastered the subject started.

Now go out there and figure out what you love!

Happy hunting!