How To Change To A Career You Love

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If you are like me, one of the biggest goals or dreams for your life is to make money doing something you love. Maybe for you that would mean a big career change, or maybe just working at a different job. Or maybe it would be an overhaul and you’d have to start from scratch all over again.

Whatever it would be for you I’ve written up some tips for how to make that change! Let's get into it!



How To Change To A Career You Love


1. Get started.

It has to be one of the tips because I think it’s one of the biggest things that holds us back. We put it off till tomorrow, next month, next year. After this or that happens. Whatever it is it holds us back from taking one small step towards what we want.

That “getting started” step for you may be as simple as sitting down with someone and explaining what it is you want to do, vocalizing it for the first time. Or maybe it’s meeting with someone who already is doing it to discuss options. Maybe it’s checking out a book about it and committing time every day to reading it. Or, if you need to get better at something, setting aside the time to work on it.

Whatever the small step is you need to take to move towards a job and life you love, do that. Get started today! Your future self will thank you for it!


2. Get your prerequisites.

You remember these from school don’t you? They were the things you had to have done before you could take the class you wanted. Well they exist in life too we just usually don’t call them that. But figure out what your “prerequisites” might be for this dream job of yours and start working on them now.

My husband and I live by the phrase, “Prepare for the opportunity”. Get yourself to a spot where you feel as confident as you can with whatever it is you want to do. At the very least be working towards that goal so that when something comes along you can grab that opportunity confidently.

A “prerequisite” might be learning some part of it that you don’t know, or just getting better at what you do know. Whatever it is, it will probably take some time and patience. But it’s okay, we all start as beginners in everything and we just figure it out from there. Again, your future self will thank you for taking care of them so well now!


3. Cut back spending.

Of course I had to throw money into this post. But really, on a practical side of things we are all well aware that work and jobs bring home the bacon. So if you do want to do some kind of change you may be without work or without the same amount of money each month.

Make sure your finances are in order so that you are prepared for that. Cut back your spending and stick to your new budget so that you’ll have money in the bank when this job or career change takes off. I’m all for a little risk taking but never really about taking risks with money. Make sure you are covered so you can afford to make the change!


Those are just the three main tips I’d give someone who is wanting to start moving towards a job and life they are passionate about. My goal for all of you readers is that you would pursue that life and money would never even be a deciding factor in what you do or where you work because you’ve got your finances under control!

I hope this encouraged you today and you feel like you can better grasp how to get started when there really isn’t a blueprint out there for pursuing what you love.

Let me know if you have any other tips in the comments!