Five Things To Do To Get More Out Of Life

Five things to do to get more out of your life and start living up to your full potential!

If I were to ask you if you think you are getting the most out of your life what would your answer be?

I’m going to take a wild guess and say it would be no.

Not because I think you are unhappy or even because you clicked to read this post but because I think most of us are not getting the most out of life that we could. It’s sad to think but I don’t see much evidence against it this thought. I think that if we all were getting more out of life as individuals there wouldn’t be as much hate and negativity in the world because we all would simply be more happy with our lives and ourself.

While I can’t tell you individually how to get the most out of your life specifically, I did want to write a post that is as much as a reminder for myself as it is to you guys on how to stop going with the flow and grab hold of your life.

Some of these things I do currently, some I’ve done in the past and need to start up again, but all are good for our souls!

So lets get to it shall we?

Five Things To Do To Get More Out Of Life

1. Put down your phone, close your lap top and turn off the TV.

You’re guilty, I’m guilty, so let’s just get that denial out of the way first.

Even if you think “I don’t watch TV/go on social media/scroll Pinterest that much”. You probably still do it more than is necessary. So here I am to tell you that if you want to get more out of your life start by putting down the things that keep you from living it!

At best the internet allows you to connect with those that don’t live around you or learn new things. That’s at best. 

At its worst it’s a way for you to ignore the life you have and get sucked in to thinking that everyone else’s life is better or cooler than yours. Let’s stop that horrible cycle and start connecting with people not through a screen.

2. Read a book.

If you’ve been around this blog for awhile you know that I am all about the personal development books. If you haven’t ever read a book from that genre I can’t recommend it more. I think those books can really help you to understand yourself better, work through things, and speak positivity into your life.

Who doesn’t need more of that in their life right?

Note: Never read a personal development book in your life. I’d recommend you start with “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero

3. Set goals and start putting the work in to reach them

I can’t stress this point enough and truly believe that if you want to get the most out of your life you have to set big goals for your life! We all have things we feel called to do or dream about doing. Start taking those dreams and making them into actionable goals. Then, put the work in to achieve those goals!

Work to get where you want in life and that will be work you never ever regret!

4. Quit whatever is taking away from your life.

This one might be hard at first to figure out but is worth the time of reflection.

What is it about your life that takes away from your enjoyment? How can you get rid of this thing? Is it a relationship? Is it a job? Or is it something smaller like a bad habit you need to quit?

It can be hard sometimes to see what is bad for us in the moment because we don’t realize the effects those things have on us. I’d suggest asking yourself if in ten years would you be happy that you spent your time doing that thing? If your answer is anything but yes then it’s probably something that doesn’t need to be in your life. Figure out how to get it out of your life or how to replace it with something else that’s better for you!

5. Invest in relationships, not things.

Of all the things you leave behind in this world, how you treat people and the relationships you have will always be the most important. It matters how you treat people more than what new iPhone you have.

When making decisions in life ask if it is going to serve a person or a thing?

What do I mean by this?

A lot of times we make decisions based on the things or money for things we get out of it. We take the job we don’t really love because of the money it brings, instead of taking the less paying job we enjoy with less money but more time off with family.

The truth is we should make decisions based on the people closest to us and ourselves. At the end of the day that will be what matters most. If you want to live life to the fullest, make sure your priorities are in the right order first!

That’s all I got for you today friends! I hope this encourages you in your life and day today somehow!