Five Types Of Goals You Need In Your Twenties

The New Year is upon us and time to start those resolutions! If you are a twenty something like me wandering around trying to figure out how to get the "perfect" life. Let me steer you in the right direction with my five types of goals you need in your twenties!

The New Year is upon us! Congratulations! We all made it!

The best is yet to come! So to help you jump on that idea and thinking even more I've set you up with some seriously important type of goals I think every twenty something should be making this year, and every year for that matter!

I've put them into different categories since all of us are at different stages in our life, our goals for each category will be a little different. Figuring out which goal is right for you in each category is up to you!

Ready for some self evaluation? ;)

Five Types Of Goals You Need In Your Twenties


It's the most common one out there so I figured I'd start with it and get it out of the way! All the gyms are packed the first of January but thin out by February because so many people already quit their goals. Don't be like those people! Sure we're young and have young bodies, but that doesn't mean we don't need to take care of them! Learning good habits now will help you in the future!

For choosing a fitness goal, choose one that is important but also doable! Whether that is simply drinking more water, or not eating sugar, or something a little bigger like running three times a week or completing an entire at home work out program! Start with what you can do first, then you can move on from there! Starting small and completing goals will help you to accomplish more, rather than setting a goal so high you can't accomplish it and end up quitting trying at all!  Start small first!


If you're mind is not right, your life can't really be either. Set a goal to help better grow yourself. Start spending more time working on you! It could be spending time reading a personal development book, time praying or reading the Bible. Start listening to a podcast that encourages you, or put reminders or things to say out loud to yourself on your bathroom mirror. This type of goal is important when we are in our twenties, we have a lot of voices and opinions going on about us all the time. We are trying to figure out what to do with our lives still! It is important to take time to talk to ourselves and encourage ourselves. I promise you, take time to better yourself and your life will be better for it! I started taking time to do this in the morning and it has changed my mindset immensely!


I'm not necessarily talking about making a goal for getting that promotion, though if that is really something you are working towards then by all means, go for it! When I say make goals for your career I see it as making goals for where you want to go in life. Your job or career sadly, is what a lot of people define you as. One of the first questions people ask when they meet someone is, "What do you do?" Quite often whether you want to or not you are summed up by your job description. So set a goal this year to make sure you are doing what you want to be doing in your job, and if you are not make a goal and plan on how to change that. It might be a really scary thing but if you find what you love and how to make money at it in your twenties, you are going to be happy in your thirties, forties, fifties, and so on!


In this category try and stray away from a goal like getting a raise, aka, a goal to just make more money. Try instead to make goals about setting a budget, or building a savings. I know in your twenties it can feel like you can just work more if you need more money. But, after a few car repairs and one shopping spree you can find yourself in debt and stuck at that job, working long hours just to pay for your lifestyle. Learning how to keep a budget and live within your means is something better learned sooner rather than later. We all see and use money differently so again, find a goal that works for you and start small. This will help yourself keep at it instead of giving up! Everyone's starting goal might be different. If you have a hard time saving at all you might have a goal to put aside money every week. If you tend to spend money on unnecessary things you might try and not buy coffee but once a week this year. Choose what works for you and will create the best habit in the long run!


The most important thing on this planet is how we treat others, our relationships. It can be easy to let hurt feelings or a mean comment get in the way of treating others how you would want to be treated. Make a goal about building relationships or maybe just having more grace with people. It could be about forgiving and reaching out to those who have hurt you or who you hurt, or it could be to let things go right when something like that happens in order to avoid time spent hurt or mad. Maybe make a goal to spend more time with that one relative that can be a little hard to handle, or the friend who is always wanting to make plans. Probably as you are reading this something has popped into your head, a relationship that needs tending to, or a part of your relationships you know you need to work on. Whatever it was you thought of, make a goal about that, and then do it! We're all adults here! Let's be the first to act like one!

Like I said, we are all different and are wandering this world right now trying to figure out how our life is going to turn out. But if you are dreaming big in the new year, (which you should be!) then I hope you think about each of these categories and find a goal for each of them that you can reach. If you continue to do this every year, reaching your goal and finding the next step in each category you want to work on, well my friend, you won't just be building a better year, but a better life.

Now I'm off to go write down mine! ;)

Happy New Year!