Five Signs You Should Switch To Minimal Spending

Sometimes we know when change is needed, other times we have no idea. Sometimes it takes a big tragedy or road sign before we realize that the way we’ve been doing things hasn’t been working like we’ve imagined.

Today I wanted to be that sign for you, in case you needed it! Today I wanted to walk you through five signs that you should probably start moving towards minimal spending with your money. I hope they encourage you, but also give you a little shove into making progress with your spending habits!

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Five Signs You Should Switch To Minimal Spending

1. You look at your bank account and have no idea where all your money went.

Isn’t that always such a wonderful feeling. (Sarcasm assumed.)

Example Scenario:

“TGIF I’m so happy it’s the weekend, what should I do tonight? Let’s check how much spending money I have!”

*checks bank account*

“What!? $7? But, how!? What did I even buy recently? I swear I JUST got paid!”

*calls bank to check with manager that these numbers are correct*

I hope you don’t actually do that last step, but this situation does put you in the position of thinking that something else must of happened because I sure wasn’t spending all that money!

But it does happen. All the time actually. We spend all our money and don't realize it. Usually it's on the smaller and cheaper items that we think don’t do any damage. It adds up. It always adds up people!

If this scenario has happened to you in the past, that is definitely a sign you need to switch to minimal spending habits. When you spend very little you don’t wonder where your money went because you know where every dollar is spent!

2. You have big dreams or goals but no idea how you are going to be able to afford them.

If you are an ambitious millennial like myself you probably have a list in your mind of things that you want to do with your life. If you are not as organized as me maybe you don’t have a list but more of a vision of how your future life will look. But do you ever stop and wonder how you will actually be able to do those things you want to do?

For example do you dream of traveling the world but are still clocking in and out of a job and barely making rent? Or maybe you just want to stay at home and raise kids but you don’t know how you and your significant other could afford to live off of one income?

We all have different visions and dreams for our life, but what we all need to have as well is a solid plan. If you are working a full time job and still can’t make all your bills on time, your plan shouldn’t be to just “make more money”. You need to learn how to use the money you have as best you can before you start making more money.

That plan starts with learning how to spend less money.

Minimal spending is the only way my husband and I have been able to fund the dreams and goals we are chasing. The point of minimal spending for us (and what I teach you guys) is to spend less on the unnecessary things so that you can invest in the things that matter!

If you have dreams and goals but no plan, this is your sign to make a change!

3. You hate your job but feel stuck because you need the money it provides.

If this is you, let me tell you something. I believe there is no better cure for a job you hate than minimal spending. Why?

When you live off a minimal amount of money, you only need a minimal amount of money to live. What exactly does that mean? It means that you don’t need to take that extra shift for the tips it provides. That means you don’t need to work every holiday for the time and a half paycheck! And finally, it means that you don’t have to choose your job based on the highest income you'll have. You get the option to choose a job that you love for maybe less money, than one you may hate for more.

If you don’t need more money to live, why on earth would you work for it where you are unhappy?

I'm not saying you will never have to work again. In fact, even in your “dream job” there will still be times of hard work needed. But, you won’t be a slave to the money it provides. Minimal spending provides a freedom not a lot of people have figured out yet. But I’m here to tell you it’s a real thing and let me reiterate, it's amazing!

4. You feel like you DO have all the money you need but still feel discontent in life!

If you’ve read signs 1-3 and felt like they didn’t apply to you, let’s talk.

Maybe your sign is the fact that you actually do have all the money you need for everything you’d want to do, and you don’t sit around worrying about bills or how you'll fund your next adventure. Maybe your sign is the fact that even though you have all the money you need, you still feel like something is missing, you still feel discontent in your life.

I teach a lot on this blog about how to manage your money well and put it toward things that matter in life. I do this because I believe this is what your money should be used for. But so many people choose to spend their money other ways and end up in a similar position of discontent. If you continue to buy the newest phone, the best car, the high end clothes and all the things that you “can” afford. I can promise you, you will not grow content.

Money does not buy happiness or contentment, if anything it can sometimes take it away. Move towards minimal spending and stop putting meaning or your status or your identity into the things you buy.

You are more than your money and what you buy with it.

5. Your house is FILLED but your heart isn’t FULFILLED.

Similar to the last sign, if you feel like your home is filled to the brim with things but your heart still feels empty, it’s time to clean house. Get rid of the things that fill up your space and I guarantee you’ll start to feel a bit more free and open in your life as well.

We have a tendency to fill spaces, fill rooms, add to bare walls, etc. We fill things that don’t need filling and in the process spend way too much money and don’t really gain anything from it. Your heart isn’t filled up but your shelves are.

Instead, get rid of the clutter and turn towards minimal spending to make sure you don’t replace it with new clutter! Start putting your money towards charities or causes who need it and I promise that will change your heart. You won't miss the clutter and your heart will feel all the more filled.

Phew! Well if you are here you made it through the whole post and I’m proud of you for that! (Or you just skimmed and are now reading the concluding paragraph, either one is acceptable, it’s your life after all!)

This post's goal is not to convince you to stop spending money altogether, but more to help you start realizing that maybe the way you are using your money isn’t serving you as well as you think.

I wish you the best of luck in your spending endeavors!