Five Reasons To Quit Your Job

If you think you'll just live your life at your 9-5 job, in a field or career you aren't passionate about until you hit retirement age, well you're wrong. Let me tell you why in the nicest way I know how, but telling you five reasons you need to quit your job now! Pin now and read later for when you have already given up on the dream. ;)

Now before you guys are all like, "Wow, Lydia quit her job and now she is just trying to get everyone to do the same so she is not alone in her misery!"

I must say a couple things,

  1. You guys are really wordy with your thoughts!
  2. I'm not miserable, and you make your own decision. But just read this first okay? ;)
  3. I've quit my job twice in my life, once it turned very very bad and another time (this time) not so much, so I do have a little experience to offer you could say. :)

I'm not trying to talk you out of having a job. I'm trying to talk you out of settling. Whether that be in your job, or in your life, but especially not at all in your twenties. (We are too young for that!)

I'm talking you into reevaluating your priorities and what you want your life to be about. That is the point of this blog post.

Let's do this!

Five Reasons To Quit Your Job


This a big "no-no" in Greg's and my life. We have always held time, our time, as way more valuable than any amount of money! Which is why we are so careful with our money! Of course you should be working hard, which will include some of the hours in your day being given to "the man". But if you are working your butt off and nothing is really changing in your finances, then you need to rectify that. You don't need to work more, you need to figure out the actual problem

Maybe, you need to change how much money you are spending, or maybe your job is not paying you enough for the work you are putting in. You might just need to quit and find something better.

Now, I'm not telling you to just quit if they won't give you a raise, but I am telling you to reevaluate. Your twenties is not a time to work over forty hours at a job you hate just to afford your apartment. If you are working that much for not that much money, you might as well quit and start working towards a dream you have that will pay off in the long run, rather than punching in and out in the meantime!


You know those jobs where you feel like you have to act different, as in not like yourself? Not just your "customer service voice" but you laughed at jokes that weren't funny and sucked up to people you shouldn't have to suck up to? I think it is one of the worst situations to be in and why it is number two on the list. You feel like there is "work you" and then "day off actual you". Who wants to act different 20+ hours out of their week?

Your twenties is the time you are still figuring yourself out, not learning how to be who they want you to be. I get that there is a rebellious vibe to this point but I don't mean it that way. I think when I realized how different I acted at work is when I realized this is not where I wanted my career to be. I wanted to work somewhere where I felt at ease and freedom to be 100% myself. That is just something I wasn't going to settle for and I don't think you should either.


I don't know about you guys but I had a strict goal in my life early on. It was pretty simple: I never wanted to "live for the weekend."

I wanted to enjoy my work and life and not be waiting for those two days off all week long. I remember even as a kid wondering why and how people did live that way.

If you are starting out Monday by dreading it all Sunday, you might want to rethink what you are doing. There is a difference between being lazy and not wanting to get out of bed every morning and just simply dreading work everyday.

Honestly, if you are feeling that way, I don't know how you haven't quit already and found something else? You can't, I repeat can't get through life dreading your work just to pay a bill. That's at any age, but especially if you are still in your twenties! There is no reason to not go out and find a job that fulfills you, that inspires you, that makes you want to get up and take on the world. They are out there, you just have to be fearless enough to leave your comfort zone job and ask for them!

Sound crazy? That's probably because you haven't ever tried it before, and that's exactly why we need to change that!


You know exactly what I'm talking about. You're cleaning a table, filling out paperwork, sitting at a computer or answering phones. You zone out for a moment lost in a thought of, "What am I doing with my life? Why am I doing "x" right now?" Its one of those philosophical moments that I think we tend to ignore and brush off but I urge you not to do that!

Take those moments to heart, they are telling you something! For me they reminded me always that I was settling. That I was doing "x" because I was too scared to try to do something I wanted to do. It was a little wake up call each time it happened and eventually led to movement in the right direction for me.

So, I tell you, if you are having those thoughts, and having those thoughts often. Give them your time, ask yourself why you feel this way and what can you do about it.

Hint, there is always something. ;)


I get that there is always seasons of life that aren't ideal and we have to work through them for a short time. Maybe that means being at that crappy job for a little while longer. I get that.

The trouble is I think people get in those seasons and then get stuck. They no longer have time or faith to try and do or accomplish anything else. That job might pay good, have good coworkers or great benefits, but at the end of the day if it isn't what you want to do with your life, if it's not where you feel called to be, then that job is actually holding you back.

You need to take that scary step of moving on and following those dreams or goals that you had set at one point in time because if not, they simply won't get done.

It can be easy to loose focus and get caught in the routine of things but I'd encourage you to rebel against that! Keep your head in that temporary mindset of, "This is just a season!", and make sure after that season is over you do move on to greener pastures, or at least more fulfilling pastures.

I hope I've inspired you a little bit today. I'm a big believer in going after yours dreams but I'm also incredibly aware of how scary and hard it can be. Trust me. I let fear control me for a lot of years. My goal with this post and really this blog is encourage you to not waste another moment of your twenties and life waiting for things to change. But for you to go out there and do it yourself!

I'll just be lucky if you take me on for the ride, because you are gonna do great things!

Here's to hoping the future you dreamed about as a kid comes back to you and all your bosses don't see this article on your work computer!


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