Five Lies You've Been Told About Your Twenties

Sick of hearing everyone else's opinions and life advice on how yours is suppose to go. I think the twenties is one of the hardest decades to learn about yourself and the world at the same time is a big task. Let me help you out and best five lies you've been told about your twenties right now!

In case you hadn't already picked up on this fact that things that we learn growing up don't always prepare us for adulthood, I'm here to teach it to you! (Although I I bet you do remember the first time you realized your parents didn't know everything, killed your soul a little didn't it?)

We get told a lot of things coming into adulthood, from people who are older and therefore know what they are talking about right? That's what we think anyway. So we go on believing it, doing it, acting out whatever way they've told us to live but then one day we realize something is not working. Or we don't like how it is working, that's not how we imagined our adult life to be like. At that point is when we start to ask ourselves if they were right about what they said? Or if we were wrong to listen to them?

Confused? Then you might not have had one of those moments yet. You might not have realized that something you learned or something you are doing is wrong or at the very least not going to give you the results in life you might want.

That was the inspiration for today's post. To tell you what people most likely have been telling you, either consciously or subconsciously and tell you how absolutely wrong they are!

I present to you: Five Lies You've Been Told About Your Twenties

Five Lies You've Been Told About Your Twenties


Now, if you would have asked me a few years ago if I thought everyone should go to college I would have told you a strong, "YES!" I used to think it was the key to success, the smart thing to do, the practical thing to do, and basically you were dumb if you didn't. (I know I was super nice back then!)

However, after having gone through the experience myself (aka, gone to college), watching others go through it and then watching others not go that route, I've come to realize it might not be for everyone. I've come to realize that you don't have to go to college or use your degree to make money. College is not for everyone, college is not for every career or field, and your degree is not a ticket to making money. (Isn't that the biggest lie on the planet!)

What I do believe is that everyone should have some kind of plan and always be learning and growing! Even if you don't go get a college degree for your career you should still be pursuing something and in that be learning about and growing in that something. Maybe after doing some learning on your own you'll decide you do want to go and have someone teach it to you or you do want to have paper proof that you know what you are talking about. The great thing is college is always an option, there is not age limit or end date.

But coming straight out of high school, unless you are one of the lucky few, you don't even know what you want to pursue. Throwing yourself into another school that is 10x expensive without a plan and without structure, well, I no longer think that is necessarily the answer for everyone.


This one also falls under the lie of, "You'll always be broke in your twenties" or "You'll have to work all the time in order to not be broke."

If you've seen enough movies you'll probably notice there are two versions of being in your twenties that Hollywood portrays. The drunk single girl who works a dead end job she hates with no future plan, and the corporate "youngest-in-her-field" woman who refuses to marry until she has accomplished all her goals.

How lovely Hollywood is to us ladies am I right?

This is basically telling our subconscious that unless we are incredibly career driven and know exactly what we want right out of high school or even in high school we are destined to a life of clubs, cheap drinks, and looking for Mr. Right on a dimly lit dance floor.

In that scenario, we will be disappointed.

So how does this go back to my point about having nice things and the two other titles of this point? Because believing that you will always be broke or that you just have to work whatever job to be able to things you might want or even need, is a lie. In order to have more money you don't need to make more you need to stop spending it. It's literally as simple as that. Of course getting a raise or bonus is awesome but I think more than not learning to manage what you have will give you more money than any raise ever will.

The day you learn to manage your money well is the day you are on your way to owning your life! You make the decisions and your don't need to look for Mr. Right to fix all of those money problems! Not to be all girl power on you but you don't need a man to make your life livable and have the "nice things" you want! Us woman in our twenties can work a job we don't hate, save money, and afford to take care of ourselves all on our own, including getting the nice things!

Okay, I'll put the feminist torch down. ;)


Truthfully they tell you this lie because they care and they don't want to see you fail. Sometimes they don't even out right say it, but you know. You know by the inflection of their voice when they talk about your idea, or by the way they repeat it to someone else in the room. "Sally, did you hear? Leslie wants to try making money off her paintings? Isn't that nice!"

Like, come on lady, who are you kidding.

But guess what?

It's a lie. Sometimes it's a lie so engraved in us that we believe it. What's worse? We believe it mostly just for ourselves. If someone else came up to you and started talking about their idea you most likely would be all for it, supportive and excited for them. Real excited, not Sally excited. But to your own ideas you down play them, explaining to yourself that you can't do that. You can't make a living doing that.

The thing is you can make money doing something you love. You just have to figure out how and be smart about it. And actually, you most likely will make more money doing what you love. Why? Because when you start working on something you are passionate about you are more likely to give 200% rather than the 75% you're giving to your day job. I don't know about you but 200% usually gets more results than 75%. When you get excited about something, which you should be if you're passionate about it,you are going to make it work, no matter what!

That is something the job you hate will never be able to pull out of you.


Just because your family always did something a certain way doesn't mean that is how it has to be for you. Same goes for your friends. Your first car was most likely a beat up spot on wheels, as all sixteen year olds have to go through, so I get you want a little bit of an upgrade. But an "upgrade" doesn't have to mean expensive, nor does it mean going into debt.

A car payment is not something you'll always have to have, in fact I'd say you never have to have one. Instead you should be the strong independent woman (here I go again!)  you are and save up enough money to buy a little nicer car that is better than your current one but doesn't deplete the money you work so hard to earn.

Note: This also goes along with the idea of being content and learning to deal with what you have. If your car doesn't really need to be replaced, then don't waste money replacing it.


"Wait so you are saying I can use my credit card for more than just emergencies!?"

No, sorry. I'm saying you shouldn't use one at all! Gotcha! ;)

The only time I've used a credit card is right now in my life and it is to earn credit to buy a house soon. Keyword: SOON. I'm not just using a credit card to build credit, period. You don't need credit unless you are planning to buy a big purchase in a year or so. But as I've just said above you shouldn't be buying a car using a loan, so really the first big purchase you will most likely make would be a house. So unless you are on the way to buying a house, you shouldn't be using a credit card. There is just too much room for destruction with them.

Credit cards are not for emergencies. Emergency funds are for emergencies and that is why you have to have one!

Phew! If you made it through that whole thing, BOOM! You are already off to a great start on rocking your twenties!

Seriously though, we are told so many things consciously and subconsciously it's hard to tell the truth from the opinions, and the facts checkers from the dream crushers. My aim is to tell you truths through my personal experience, advice with a lot of tough love and to get you on your way to saving money and building a life you are proud of so you are not stuck at the dead end job forever.