5 Ways to Fight the Urge to Spend Money

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I bet if you were to ask someone how to solve their money problems they would be able to give you an answer.

They either need to make more money, or spend less money. (Hint: It’s usually always spend less money.)

The truth is, I think that people know that the answer to their financial problems come down to not spending money. But the question now is if we know the answer, why isn’t the problem fixed?

Because it’s easier said than done.

We are taught from an early age to spend money. People literally spend billions of dollars every year telling us where to spend our money. It is ingrained in us to spend money. It doesn’t matter how hard or easy it is, we just do it.

It takes more effort for us to resist spending our money than it takes for us to actually drive to a store, park, go inside, pick what we want, give someone money for it, go back to our car and drive home. It’s crazy, but it’s the world we live in!

So today I wanted to give you some practical ways you can fight the natural urge we have to spend money. Go against the grain!


5 Ways to Fight the Urge to Spend Money

1. Don’t go into the lion’s den.

This may seem obvious but I have to put it here because I am a seasoned minimal spender and still I make this mistake time and time again!

If you are trying to not spend money, trying to fight the urge to spend, trying to stop buying things you don’t need, do not go into the place where all those things are happening around you.

If you walk into a store, 9/10 times you will find something you want to buy. Which means you will either leave having spent money and feeling sad because you failed or you won’t buy it and you’ll leave feeling sad that you couldn’t buy it. Either way, you’re leaving sad. Don’t go into the lion’s den. (At least until you’ve got your spending habits under control.)


2. Leave your wallet at home

If you have to go into the lion’s den for any reason, leave your wallet behind.

A big way to fight the urge to spend is to not have any money with you to spend. If you don’t have the means to the end with you, you won’t make it to that end. (Means being the wallet, end being purchasing something, just so we are on the same page!) Easiest trick in the book to keep you from spending your money on unwanted items!


3. Use cash.

Now, for those instances when you do have to spend money, use cash.

Even if it’s a necessary purchase using cash helps train your brain to think about spending money differently. There is a difference in holding a debit or credit card compared to holding cash. When you use cash you actually see the amount you are spending, you are holding it in your hand and you feel it leave. It’s a different feeling than when holding a card and will help change your spending perspective which in turn will help you fight the urge to spend all the time.


4. Get a partner.

Things are always better with a partner right? Find a friend, sibling, coworker, significant other, anyone really who either wants to change their spending habits too, or can just be your accountability partner! It’s better if they are in the same boat with you, but if they are not it still helps to have a partner keeping you accountable.

Find someone who will encourage and support you on this journey and it will be SO much easier to fight that urge to spend. Why? Because if you do break down and spend money you shouldn’t spend it won’t just be your secret, there will be someone you have to come clean to. There will be someone else in the picture, usually that can make all the difference for us.

But the best part about having a partner to do this with is that you get to celebrate the successes as well. When you reach your goal or walk out of a store without spending money and without feeling sad, they are there with a high five ready to go. See? Things are always better with partners!


5. Make a habit out of it.

All this works only if you keep it going. Fighting the urge to spend is just like exercising, at first it’s really hard and takes all your effort. But later, once you’ve gotten a bit used to it, it becomes easier, the habit turns into a lifestyle. If you make it a habit it will turn into a lifestyle and it will be worthwhile I promise!


I swear if you start implementing these things in your life you will start changing your spending habits instantly! Try out some of these and let me know how it goes!

If you have any other tips you use for watching your spending share them in the comments for others to learn from!