Eight Reasons Why You Need To Clean Out Your Closet

Tired of dreading staring at your closet on Monday mornings? Sick of feeling like you have nothing to wear, yet not being able to fit all your clothes in the closet? Let me help by giving you reasons why you need to clean out your closet and start fresh in your twenties!

Out with the old in with the new guys!

Today we are cleaning out your closets! Well I'm urging you to by talking about how I cleaned out mine and how I'm going to clean it even more. But that's basically the same thing.

I know it's a task that some of us dread, and even for those who enjoy it, finding the time is another thing. It can be hard. I'm in that boat too.

I talked recently about cleaning out and maybe selling some clothes. I ended up trying to sell some but realized it took way to much time and energy for a small payout. I'd much rather just give them to my friends, I can't help it, I'm a giver! Only now they are sitting around my one bedroom apartment on hangers waiting for some friends to come take them! 

It felt good to get rid of so many though! I felt like I was pretty strong and gave myself some tough love and reality checks about what to keep and what not to keep. However, even with getting rid of so much I found myself not settled. I still feel the urge to just turn over my entire apartment and rid it of every thing that doesn't need to be here!

It's a good but unsettling feeling to have.

To further along this movement I purchased The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo which I've heard wonderful things about! I haven't started it yet as I was finishing up my other book first, but as you can see I'm basically pretty serious about cleaning house and making an environment I enjoy that is not filled with so much stuff. Her book is suppose to help you "tidy up" all in one sitting and create a home that brings you joy and is always tidy. It's a pretty cool concept.

I can't wait to dive into the book and follow her somewhat scary (from what I've heard) methods for organizing! In the meantime, before I read it, (since after I'll probably be sharing some of my favorite tips with you after) I thought I'd start with a little "Why" list? Why should you go through and get rid of things in your home? More specifically: Eight Reasons Why You Need To Clean Out Your Closet. (Don't start rapping Eminem)

Eight Reasons Why You Need To Clean Out Your Closet

  1. Clothes you don't wear are taking up space! In your closet, in your life, in your mind every morning when you go to your closet, get rid of that extra space!
  2. It doesn't bring you joy. If you dread going to your closet in the morning, something has to change. Get rid of the things that don't excite you to wear them! Not items you just "feel confident in" but items you are excited to put it on.
  3. Your brain has "checked out". Your mind has seen your closet so many times it knowns exactly where each shirt or pant is. Nothing is drawing it's attention anymore! Everything is the same and in their same spot, and if you are like me it's been like that for years! Teach your brain to look for the new things by getting rid of the old ones and reorganizing!
  4. You most likely have clothes that don't fit and all they are doing is depressing you. I'm not just talking about too small of clothes! I've bought or had things handed down to me that were too big but I kept them because they were so cute. Every time I put it on I'm reminded that even though it is 10/10 on the adorable scale it doesn't fit. Get rid of those let downs!
  5. You also most likely have at least a handful of items from when you were in school. They say most people don't change their style drastically after high school. So if you want to avoid dressing the same or just being seen in the same thing for years after years, then I think you know the answer. Get rid of it.
  6. You don't love it all. I know the feeling when trying to go through your closet the first time around. You convince yourself that you will wear every single top or pants you pull out. Stop asking yourself about if you've worn or will wear xyz. Start asking, "Do I love it?" You don't love it all! You can't! Get rid of those things that again, you aren't excited about, and get your closet down to the things you love.
  7. On the contrary I bet there are people you know, friends or family, that do love some of your clothes. Cleaning out and handing clothes down is a great routine to be in. Not only is it getting rid of the things you don't hold close to your heart anymore but it is allowing others to have those items! I love giving my clothes away when I'm done with them because I love seeing other people get excited about them!
  8. My favorite and last reason for you to clean your closet is to make room for more. ;) Only stuff you love of course! But when you clear out all the bad, in any scenario, you are essentially making more room for the good.

Well I hope you are ready to dive into your rooms and never come out until you have a fully functioning, organized, and loved closet! I'm back to the drawing board with mine and this new book! I'll keep you posted!