Three Reasons Being Married In Your Twenties Is The Best

Has someone ever told you that you are too young to settle down? That you are too young to be married in your twenties? Well I'm here to tell you that in fact your twenties is the best time to marry and be married! Let's all give a collective tongue stuck out to those naysayers! (Like the true mature adult we are!) ;)

Greg and I have only been married for a couple years but still I have fallen in love with the adventure that marriage is. The pointless fights, and the meaningful ones. The starting of traditions, the molding of old ones. Gift giving, gift getting. ;) Making a grocery list that doesn't just have your favorites on there but their’s too. Laughing really hard laying in bed making shadow puppets when you should both be sleeping. And my favorite one, jumping on the nicest bed you've slept on during your honeymoon. All fun and exciting things!

What I love most about Greg's and my story is that we started dating in high school. I love having my "high school sweetheart" as my husband. I really was not expecting to find my husband so early on in life. Truth be told I saw myself living some single life in a city somewhere writing and playing music in really cute outfits, working out all the time in order to keep my girlish figure of course. ;) That imaginary world seems to funny to me now as I've been to Seattle five times in my life? And truth be told the city stresses me out soo..

Basically I didn't think I would be settling down anytime soon. But about three months after Greg finally snagged me as his official "girlfriend", well I was pretty sure I was dating my soon-to-be husband. In fact we both were. Well for him it was his wife, but you get the drill. ;)

Three months in, around Christmas, we already talked about "when we get married". I don't remember the first official conversation about it but I just remember us both being on the same page that we didn't want to get married right away, but we did want in fact, to marry each other. We had actually decided twenty five was a good age but ended up tying the knot at 21. :)

Now there are definitely some pros and cons to marrying your high school sweet heart and just being married young in general. For people I know who married when they were older or married older men they were pretty established right off the bat. When you are older or marry someone older typically they already are established in a career, have a house, a pet, do their own laundry, etc. You know the really responsible adult things.

Greg and I were not like that. When you marry young, you learn together.

But there are definitely pros, so I've officially put together my top three reasons I love being married in my twenties! (& to my high school sweetheart.)

Three Reasons Being Married In Your Twenties Is The Best

O N E // You quite literally start your life together from the ground up.

In the same month I started a new school, my first job, and started dating Greg. We were apart of eachother's lives when we took our driving tests, our first jobs, our first paychecks, graduating, starting colleges, quitting jobs, first $1000 in the bank, etc.

Once we got married we continued to learn everything from scratch. Applying for credit cards (strictly to earn credit for a house, which we now have a score of 770), sharing a bank account, and getting insurance (the bane of my existence). Unlike marrying someone older or just with more life experience you literally have to figure out everything together. Sometimes it’s harder work, but most times it’s fun to do it together.

T W O // You get to watch your partner figure out their own life from the ground up.

When I met Greg he was still assuming he would just take over for his dad's concrete business. Now he is teaching guitar and leading worship. I got to watch that transformation, from figuring out what he wanted to do, to putting in the work for it and now seeing the results from it. It's a really cool thing to be able to witness it all from the inside. I didn't meet Greg the guitar player, I met him and watched him become that. Getting to encourage your life partner to pursue dreams starting from nothing is a pretty cool thing high school sweethearts (or just those who marry young) get to do.

T H R E E // You get a lot of time together before real life really hits.

Dating your eventual husband in high school means you automatically get a couple years to do that, just date. No one is asking you about marriage plans in high school like they do when you date as twenty somethings. You get to just have fun and make memories without someone expecting him to propose anytime. Not saying you never have that conversation, but there isn't the outside pressure like there is I feel like when you are dating in your twenties.

Also, being young and married means you have plenty of time before you have to rush into anything like kids or buying a house. We definitely get a lot of those questions about when those babies will be coming, but the upside to being married young is: You. Have. Time. You get to hang out, relax, and enjoy each other before bringing in cute babies to the party. Even though they are, really cute.

Truthfully it doesn't matter what age you fall in love, get married, and have babies. As long as you are happy and it's your partner for life, then that life is going to be pretty stinkin' good! ;)

As a little treat to you I'm sharing Greg's and my first ever dance picture. When Greg still thought the cool thing to do was to not smile. So glad he got out of that habit right away! Also the dance that made me not wear heels for five years after! Enjoy! ;)


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