How To Add Minimalism And Productivity To Your Life

Want to learn how to be productive and simplify your life at the same time. Minimalism allows you to focus on what matters and put your energy towards that!

I wrote minimalism and productivity into this title because I think they go hand in hand. When we cut back the clutter in our life we can focus on the more important things to us. This in turn helps us be more productive towards those things.

I’m really passionate about spending your time and money wisely, growing as a person (especially us millennials) and working towards goals and dreams. This topic seemed to fit a lot of those things and was something I wanted to write for you guys.

Let’s get into it!

How To Add Minimalism And Productivity To Your Life

1. Turn off the stream.

The stream. As in the flow of everything into your brain! We are streaming everything. The videos. The shows. The movies. The trending topics that pop up on the side of Facebook. Stop clicking next episode. Stop filling your life with watching someone else's. I am without a doubt a recovering “binger” of Netflix shows and August 2015 had to finally cut myself off. (Read about that here.) I realized that; a. I couldn’t control myself and I couldn’t “cut back”. It was all or nothing, so I had to go to nothing, and b. I was literally wasting all my free time sitting on a couch watching fictional characters living their life instead of living my own. That's pretty pathetic of me. If one day you've reached all your goals and feel completely satisfied and content in your life with no other ambitions, then you can go back and see who “A” is or who was the final one killed in The Walking Dead. Until then, stick to staying alive in your own life!

2. Read a book.

Yes they exist still and actually hold a lot more to them than you think. Not only are books as always, a wealth of knowledge they are also a good break from staring at a screen for 80% of our days. You can go any genre you want. I personally love reading personal development books because I’ve found them to be extremely helpful when you are chasing after goals and trying to have a simple and focused life! If you want to be more productive, read books that teach you that skill! In fact, is there anything you want to be better at? Read a book about that! They have books on every topic and for everyone! Now, if the argument that is forming in your head is that you don’t read and you’ll just fall asleep, then let me use this time to tell you that if you are instantly falling asleep when you are not looking at a screen for longer than 5 minutes maybe that’s a sign you need a break more than ever! You are either not getting enough sleep or you are actually wearing yourself out but haven't noticed. Take time away from devices and media and focus on something that doesn’t light up!

3. Cut back or cut out social media.

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “Man! I need more people’s opinions about me in my life”? How about, “I wish I knew what my coworkers and the people I graduated with are doing right this minute”? No? Never? I didn’t think so! I love social media as much as the next person! I love sharing pictures and funny stories and reading others. But. There comes a time, (and the time is now) when we are too connected. When we are too attached to what others are doing and we are too focused on what other people think about our lives. Social media has done this to us. Not only does it literally steal our time away but it also clogs our minds with things we don’t need to know. Try taking a fast from all social media or, if that is too hard, start with one account. I have unfollowed everyone on Facebook so that I’m still friends with them, but now my newsfeed is blank and I’m not sucked into it’s vortex anytime I check in. It has freed up my time immensely and I no longer waste hours a day scrolling. I’ve taken breaks from Facebook all together in the past, but this has seemed the best long term option. I suggest you think long and hard about the time and energy these things take from you and decide to take a break or quit it for good.

4. Clean house.

Cluttered house, cluttered mind. That’s how the saying goes right? If you want to simplify your life and mind in order to move towards minimalism, cleaning house should be your first step. Get rid of things that take space and don’t do anything for you! Clean house of the things that don’t matter anymore, that don’t have purpose and that don’t bring you joy. Going through everything you own helps you to realize what you actually care about! If you clean house of the unnecessary I promise you, not only will your life start to simplify itself, but you will also be able to focus and be productive on the things that do matter to you!

5. Spend time with people.

Last but certainly not least! Spend time with people. Yes, it's good to hunker down, get in your own world and work towards your goals. But at the end of the day go see a friend. After all the work is done, connect with those that matter. I believe when you are productive with the time you have for work, then you have even more time for others. Hard work is important, but it shouldn’t come between you and the relationships that matter. (And if you are using your time wisely instead of wasting it, it shouldn’t!) Whether that is being a good significant other to your spouse or a good parent or just a great friend. People matter. Investing in them is the best investment you could make!

I promise you, if you implement these five things into your life and cut out the rest you will see changes for the better! Some of them may seem simple but the changes they bring to your life will bring major impact towards your goals and well being in general!

The new year is approaching! Start thinking about how you spend your time and what that is looking like for your life! Then make changes!

Good luck!