5 Ways To Have A Successful No Spend Month

Have you ever heard of a no spend month, or week, or year? They can be great ways to build up a quick savings of cash and jump start a budget. However, just jumping in can be a little hard if you've never done something like this before. Today I've come up with five NEW ways to have a successful no spend month. (Or whatever time frame you want!) :)

These last few months I haven’t been spending as much as I usually do. Not that I spend a lot normally but I’ve noticed that it will be halfway through the month before I’ve even touched my $25 amount budget. Then, even when I do buy something it’s something small and therefore doesn’t add up to an entire month of my budgeted amount.

Don’t get me wrong this is a great thing! Again, it’s not like I spent a lot before but not spending that amount all month long allows me to do one bigger purchase of something. For instance last month I realized I hadn't spent any money on the last day of the month so was able to purchase a new $18 straightener. (Which I’m madly in love with in case you wanted to know.)

I started to think about why I was able to not spend any money for a long period of time. Why I didn't even have the urge or desire to go shopping just for fun, or pick something up! As I thought about this I cam across one main reason. I kept busy. Not necessarily on purpose so that I wouldn’t spend, I was just busy with an agenda and things to do! I was enjoying life still, hanging out with friends and such, but I was also working really hard and keeping busy. I didn't have the urge to take time away to go shop.

So in honor of that revelation, and in order to help you with a “no-spend-month” or year or whatever time frame you want to try, or maybe you just want to stop buying unnecessary things as a lifestyle change! Here are five uncommon ways to have a successful no spend month!

5 Ways To Have A Successful No Spend Month (That You Haven't Thought Of)

Start Reading

Even if you say, “I’m not a reader” try it anyways. Even those who don’t like to read have books that they think, “If I read, I’d read that.” So go to the library (yes those still exist and it’s still free to borrow books) and check that book out! Or, just go to a section you might be interested in and scan for a book that looks good. Books and reading are literally the biggest supplies of free information or entertainment out there and probably the most underused in our digital age.

Start spending your mornings reading at home with a coffee you brewed instead of picking one up on your way to work, and stopping by for a bagel too. Start with a chapter a day if you really hate this idea, and give it your best try. It will keep you busy and interested. (Assuming you choose a good book.)

Start Creating

Creating or just being creative, is probably one of the best ways to use your free time in my opinion. It is a relaxing place to be in, with no rules and no restrictions. If you start to turn uncomfortably in your chair when someone mentions crafts don't worry. You can start small with a coloring book. No, you don’t have to go and buy one. There are tons of free printable adult coloring pages for download online. Find one you like, print it out, and spend your evenings zoning out on that instead of creating Pinterest boards of things you don’t have but want to go buy. (Yes, I know you do that.)

If you are the creative type then get out that craft box that you never have time to get into and start making time. This is literally a free way to relax and explore the other side of you brain. Stop buying all those cool or pretty things you see in store and start making them! No, not by going and buying a million DIY materials, by using what you have and getting, you guessed it, creative!

Start Learning

This is my favorite one, because I think this activity should never stop happening in our lives. But I also believe that if you are doing this actively it will keep you too busy to be worried about getting new curtains for your apartment, or that new mascara your friend was telling you about.

Immerse yourself in something new. Maybe a new instrument you want to start playing or a different skill you want to learn. Take at least an hour a day working, practicing, taking notes, etc. and put all your focus into that. If you need something to start like maybe an actual instrument, borrow it! Don't go spending a bunch of money just to start a new hobby or learn more. Use all the resources you got to do the learning you can.

Maybe you start listening to podcasts that teach you something about yourself, or about a topic you are interested in. Maybe you follow idea number one and get a book out of the library to help, or find someone who knows what you know and start hanging out with them.

Carve out a part of your day to invest in learning and you will never look back and wish you hadn’t.

Start Listening

Relationships. The most important of things in this lifetime, yet too often we put them on the back burner. Quit going to the mall with friends, or even to a crowded coffee shop for the perfect latte picture. Quit spending money to impress your family or boss.

Invest in real relationships.

Invite people over to your home instead of "out". Home is personal, home is distraction free, at your home you can listen and have real connections. Make coffee or tea, sit on the couch or at the table across from each other and talk. Don’t look at your phones and scroll till they have to leave. Turn the phone off and talk about real, actual, literal, life. Most importantly, when they talk, listen, and focus on them for the time they are there. I guarantee you'll start craving that instead of going out, a lot more the more you do it.

Start Hustling

This goes along with the theme of all of these to “stay busy”. But I thought it deserved it’s own little point. Whatever you want in life is going to take a lot of work. But the work will be worth it once you get there.Your twenties, is that time to hustle. You’ve got the energy, the passion, and the ability to make things happen now! So stop wasting time buying the “things”, going out to eat, taking the picture of the coffee, and get hustling!

The reason I haven’t been spending money is because I’ve been working my butt off over here on things that matter. Dreams. Passions. Goals.Things that matter usually don’t include wasting money in their description. So start dreaming what you want, write out the goals to get you there and start hustling!

A “No Spend Month” is much more than just a way to save a little extra cash. It’s a way to realize you don’t always need the things you tell yourself you do. You don’t have to live the way everyone else does. It’s not just about money.

If you’ve been following this blog for anytime you’ll know that by now! :)

Good luck! I’m cheering you on always!