4 Financial Goals to Reach Before 30

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I am ever so slowly creeping up to 30 and although I know it is certainly not as old as it feels I also know there are a lot of things in my life I’d like to accomplish before then. Not all of them are financial goals but some are, so I figured today I’d share some awesome financial goals to reach before any of you turn 30 in case you are feeling a bit stuck or just don’t know what exactly are “good financial goals”.

Either way, I am here to help.

The twenties are a lot of different things but I don’t want them to be wasted for you guys at all and money has a lot to do with your future and where you are headed so let’s get you guys on the right track before you turn the big 30, shall we?

4 Financial Goals to Reach Before 30

1. Become debt free.

This is always a good goal to have but if in your twenties you accumulated any sort of debt then I’d make sure to get rid of all of it before you turn 30. 30 will bring a lot of other life changes and its own sets of challenges, financial and otherwise, you don’t want to be bringing that burden of debt into your next decade.

Cut back your spending, set a budget and a goal, and get that debt paid off as soon as you can.


2. Start saving for retirement.

Start saving for retirement as soon as possible. We all think we are going to live forever, and if we even get to a quarter of that we are going to need some money to live off of. You can spare a little bit every month and that “little bit” will add up to a “whole lotta bit” by the time you retire.

Start now so that you don’t have to be scraping by or on state insurance when you are old and grey. I worked in a really nice retirement home for 7 years and let me tell you I’ve seen the other options, the not-so-nice places. You are going to want to have some money set aside so you can live in the nicer ones. ;)

Don’t get stuck because you didn’t make wise financial decisions when you were younger.


3. Learn about investing and then START!

The reason I specify for you to learn as well is because I think it’s important to know what your money is going into and what it’s doing. Don’t just take everything one person says and run with it. Learn what you can and then start doing it.

Just like saving for retirement, investing is going to serve you in the future. For just a little bit of work in your twenties you can be serving your later decades incredibly well. Make sure to start this process before you move into your thirties.


4. Have a savings account/emergency fund of at least 6 months of bills.

This is a goal to have always but I’m adding it here because especially as you move into your thirties and start settling down more you’ll want to make sure you are prepared for anything. We and anyone close to us is not promised tomorrow. Be prepared for anything even at this age by having money set aside for your bills and expenses.

If anything were to happen and you had no money set aside, not only would you be in the middle of a crisis but you may not be able to pay your bills on top of that! Take care of your future by saving today and being prepared for anything life may throw at you.

I’m sure there are about 30 more goals to have before you turn 30 but I wanted to focus on a few major financial ones that I thought were most important. Again, most of these are good goals to have always but especially if you are moving into the next decade of your life and want to be prepared!

I hope this helps you put your finances in perspective and make some changes!

Let me know if you have any suggestions for other goals or future post topics!