3 Work Outfits For $30

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Today I'm so excited to share with you a guest post from Adrianna of adriannazakher.com. As fall quickly approaches maybe you are starting a new job or school year and wanting to freshen up your wardrobe without spending all your money. Today she is showing you three outfits that work for work and the weekend, as well as some budget shopping tips in general! Let's dive in shall we!

3 Work Outfits For $30

Are you on the hunt for new office attire, but don’t know where to find affordable items that won’t set you back financially?? Trust me, I’ve been there. It took me awhile to get it right, but I’ve learned over the years which stores to shop at and how to buy new pieces without breaking the bank. Saving money should always be a priority, but it doesn’t mean you have to compromise your appearance at the office. Here are different work outfits I put together for around $30 and a few tricks to help you find clothing you love on a budget.


Outfit Number One: A Dress (To Impress)

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A great clothing item you can find at a very affordable price is a dress. This one from H&M is a great option for work because it’s a reasonable length and also covers the shoulders. You can also match the dress with a classic pair of black ballerina flats (like these) to complete your awesome work outfit. Additionally, this look is really trendy right not and allows you to showcase your personality for slightly over $30! No one says you have to conceal your style, or spend hundreds of dollars to look amazing at work. 


Outfit Number Two: Dress Pants & A Simple Peplum Blouse

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This is a classic combination you cannot go wrong with because they really make a perfect match. The neutral black top tames the striped dress pants, but still adds a nice element of femininity to the overall outfit. This makes your office wear interesting, affordable, but also unique and stylish at the same time. If the top is too revealing for you, you can always add a blazer or cardigan to cover those shoulders at work during the day. The best part about this outfit is that it retails for under $30 as well!


Outfit Number Three: Your Weekend Look

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When the sun comes out and the weekend is upon us, the last thing a corporate gal like you wants to wear is something heavy and too professional, am I right?? A cute summer option for the weekend is a romper like this one! It’s short enough to feel like you’re getting a break from your office wardrobe, but still appropriate to hangout in all weekend long (even if you accidentally bump into a colleague or client)! This romper can be worn with a dainty pair of sandals for a classic laid back look. You can even add a beautiful white straw hat and matching purse to polish off the outfit! This outfit combination is slightly over $30! 


Here are a few quick tips you can apply when shopping on a tight budget.

Tip # 1: When you first walk into a store, head straight to the sales section (especially in the big chain stores like Forever21). There are so many great items remaining, for a lot less than the original price.

Tip # 2: Shop online! There are often WAY better deals than expected, but people just don’t take the time to look. 

Tip # 3: Check out a few thrift stores. You can find many items that are currently trendy like jean jackets and vintage purses. Thrift stores are great for finding older pieces that are back in style at a much better bargain. 

Tip # 4: Use Groupon. You can find so many amazing deals not only for clothing stores, but also for an array of other things like restaurants, activities traveling and more! Groupon is an awesome resource and can save you a lot of money on impromptu shopping trips.


Hope you enjoyed the post! Comment below where you like to buy clothing, for less ☺




Adrianna is a young finance student from Montreal and the founder of her fashion blogs ADRIANNA and The Men’s Blog. She provides tips on how to look awesome as a young professional on a budget. Whether she’s writing blog posts on the train, editing pictures during class or scheduling posts while at work (oops!), she’s always making sure her readers get awesome content. Check out https://llegance.com/ for more!