3 Ways To Find The Time To Do What You Love

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The point of this blog is not to show you how to live off less money just so you can stockpile it all in a bank account. No, I want you to learn how to live off less money so that you don’t have to spend all your time working at a job you hate.


I want you to be able to take time and days off or to just work less in general if you'd like. Ultimately I’d love to get you to a place where you actually work somewhere you actually love.


However, with any end goal there is always a middle where it’s hard and you are still making do with what you have until you're at that finish line.

I’ve been there. In some ways I am still there. But in order to get to the finish line, to doing what you love for money, you need to figure out how to make time for it now.

How to practice or learn or get experience now. You need to prepare for the opportunity before the opportunity comes.

And because I know we all have the same excuse that there just isn’t enough time, I decided to write a whole post about how to find the time to do these things you love. So that maybe one day you can do it for a living. Or if nothing else, you just get to enjoy them no matter what.

These are tips I had to learn myself and have found great success in so I promise you if you give them a try they’ll work!

3 Ways To Find The Time To Do What You Love

1. In the mornings.

I don’t want to hear “I’m not a morning person”. For the things we absolutely love, we should be any kind of "person".

A few weeks ago I went to visit a friend in Minnesota for a week. Minnesota is 2 hours ahead of Washington so when I got back I was thrown off by the time difference. But I decided to hold onto it!

I’ve always liked being up early but I never liked getting up early. So when my body was getting tired at 9pm (Minnesota 11pm) instead of fighting to stay up I just started going to bed around that time which made waking up about 5-6am easy!

It seems obvious but getting up that early gave me 2 hours of extra time in the morning to do what I wanted or needed to do. The interesting thing is, I don’t miss those two hours at the end of the day because a lot of times they were spent sitting around and being tired from the day.

Those two hours were not productive when placed at the end of the day. Go to bed earlier and save those extra hours for the morning when you can be most productive and get things done. Don’t underestimate the mornings, they can become your best friend if you let them!


2. The "in-between".

This is one that I think can honestly be a game changer for everyone.

Time slips through our grasp so easily! The “in-between” time is the hardest to grab a hold of. What do I mean by in-between? The 15 minutes before you have to leave but you are already ready to go. The 20 minutes between meetings where you just go use the restroom and get some more water. Even that last hour before bed where, like I said, you are usually just sitting around.

Grab hold of those times and use them to your advantage. Either take those moments and do those things you love to do. Or rip the band aid off and check off a task on your to do list that you’ve been putting off but really only takes a few minutes.

How long does it take to make a doctors appointment? Or activate a new debit card? 5-10 minutes? Yet how many days, yes days, do those things stay on your to do list. If you're anything like me, awhile. Use the "in-between" to get rid of those tasks so you can free up your schedule for more of the things you want to do.


3. You make it.

You had to know this point was coming.

When your time seems like a lost cause it comes down to the fact that you just have to make the time for something if it’s important to you. If it's what you love or what you want to pursue, make time for it.

We all have 24 hours, reflect how you are using yours and where you could change things. Look at everything you do and take note of things that take up time but are not really that important. Watch a little too much YouTube or Netflix? Spending too much time scrolling when you get home from work? Think about the time you spend on things that don't add meaning to your life, then make the change. Make the time for the things you love and you’ll find the time I promise!


You guys, it’s so important to use our time wisely. We only have so much of it. Put time into the things you love and one day maybe you can make a living out of it! Or, if making a living from it isn't your goal at the very least you'll just have a life you love, with time to enjoy it!

I hope this encourages you! What other ways do you make time for the things that are important to you? Let us know in the comments!