3 Reasons You Think You Need Things You Don’t

3 Reasons You Think You Need Things You Don’t.png

The hardest part about budgeting or spending less money in general comes down to one thing, buying less stuff.

We all want more stuff. Even if we don’t say it that way or admit it up front it’s the truth, we are all just wanting more things, newer, better, or just different colors, it doesn’t matter to us.

So how can we spend less money, save and have all this freedom that I talk about all the time?

We have to stop buying the stuff, the things.

In order to do that, we have to start believing that we don’t need it. So today I wanted to give you some reasons why we think we need all this stuff when in fact we don’t.

My hope is that in telling you why you don’t need the things you’ll start to see that truth in your own life and stop wasting your hard earned money on things that don’t matter and start putting it towards your life that does matter.

3 Reasons You Think You Need Things You Don’t

1. We are told we do.

By every marketer, by every ad, by every company. Think about this, people spend millions every year trying to get their “stuff” (product) in front of your eyes. They want to tell you that you need their item that you need their stuff. No one is paying money to tell anyone why they shouldn’t buy something.

Products in shows, movies, music videos (Do people still watch those?) etc. are all trying to get you to say “Hey I need that!” and then go out and buy it! Why do we think we need all the things, because the people who make all the things are telling us we do!

2. Everyone else has them.

Just like marketers are trying to convince us to buy things, they are convincing everyone else as well, and for a lot of them it works. So then, not only are we seeing ads for all the things but our friends start to show up with them all as well. And of course when your friend has something it’s like we are back in elementary school saying “I want it too!”.

It’s hard to see your friends with the new Apple TV or iPhone, or new clothing and shoes and not feel like you want those items as well.

No one is immune to this, you just get better at recognizing it.

I still get that feeling all the time. Just because I write about money doesn’t mean I don’t ever want something out of my budget or feel envious of those that just buy without a care. The key is recognizing that feeling and then asking yourself if you want the negatives that comes with each of those “things”.

A new car? Awesome! Do you want a car payment Lydia? Oh, heck no! Then okay, you don’t really want that new car.

Beautiful floral shirt? So cute! Do you want to spend all of this month's budget on it and part of next months? No thank you! Perfect, then you don’t really want that cute top.

What exactly am I asking myself with these questions: Is it worth it?

Most of the time all those little and big purchases add up to a life with no savings, a lot of work, no freedom and still no money.

All that stuff that those people around me have is not worth trading for the lifestyle I have.

3. We confuse “Stuff” for life goals.

If you are a lover of the show This Is Us you’ll be familiar with the story I’m about to tell.

There is a scene with a foster dad, Randell, and his foster daughter, Deja, where he is telling her about hard work and how it pays off in life. The way he describes it is by saying that if you work hard you’ll have a “big house and fancy car”.

While Randell is my favorite character and I totally know he was just trying to explain how hard work pays off and you can get to where you want to be with it (which I totally agree with) I can’t help but hate that those things really are a goal of some people and how people think they will have “made it”.

Having a big house, fancy car, and a lot of other fancy things is not the goal. More “stuff” is not the goal. I think we’ve confused those things for the goal and we get stuck working 8 hours a day at a job we hate for years to get there and then have to keep working in order to keep all the stuff.

If when asked what you want to do with your life you say you want to have a big house and fancy car it seems like those marketers really did get to you and you’re finding your goals for life in the wrong place.

Why do you think you need all these things that you don’t actually need? Because you’ve mistaken it for the goal in life.

Until you realize what you really want out of your life, and make that the goal, you won’t be able to take control of your spending and you certainly won’t be able to stop buying all the things.


If I could I would sit you all down and go through your spending habits and financials together and show you where your money is going and why it doesn't need to go there. I’d encourage you to find what you want out of life and chase that goal instead of buying more things. And I’d encourage you to stop looking around at what others have trying to replicate it and create a life that fits YOU perfectly.

But alas I cannot do that. I can only write these blog posts, send you emails and give you the chance to learn more. I hope this post gives you an ounce of truth for your money and life and encourages you on the right path!

Let’s talk soon friends!