3 Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Budget

3 Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Budget.png

My love language is gift giving. I love picking something out (and I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it) that I think someone will love and use regularly and then getting to wrap it up and present it to them to show I care. It truly is how I show someone I love them and how I recieve love too. ;)

I asked a question in one of my newsletters awhile back asking what you guys would do with more money? And do you want to know what a lot of you said, it may surprise you. A lot of you said that you would give more. That you would be more generous with your money.

As much as I love that answer and think it is amazing that one of the first things you want to do with more money is give some away I want you to know that you can still do this without or before you are a millionaire.

I love gift giving but I never break the bank in order to show someone I care. I want to give you some ideas of how to do that too!


Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Budget


1. Buy them things they wouldn’t buy themselves

We all have those things we really love or enjoy but we never buy for ourselves. A lot of times it is not because they are expensive, it’s because we just have a harder time spending money on ourselves. Think of those things and buy those items for your people!

Things like home decor, the candles they like, or a new mug are usually pretty cheap, but if you know the person well enough to know their style can really treat them. Sure they might be able to afford that item themselves but it doesn’t matter if they won’t buy it for themselves. You are still blessing them by being the one to treat them to this small item.


2. Favorite snacks bag

Sometimes simple is better and just showing you know your person well enough to give them a few of their favorite things says you love them without ever having to say it.

Think about it, if someone were to give you a bag full of your favorite snacks or treats would you not feel blessed that 1. You were given the gift of food, and 2. That they actually knew you well enough to get your favorites.

Now, this isn’t just a snack bag. If you are going for a generic gift then sure, treats and snacks are always a solid option but if you want the gift to speak more to the friendship then you’ll definitely want to make sure you get their favorites. That is how the gift goes from generic coworker gift to best friend gift.


3. The gift of their love language.

Remember how I was talking about my love language? Well if you have no idea what I’m talking about you can head to the website HERE to find out what yours is.

Once you’ve looked into it a bit more you can start to spot out what other people in your life’s love languages are as well. This isn’t just for romantic relationships. This is for friendships as well.

Read my post on it HERE. So something I make sure to do for gifts is remember what their love language is. Sure mine is gifts, but if there’s is quality time and I make no effort to see them on their birthday, it doesn’t matter how great my gift is, they probably won’t feel loved from it.

For friends that have a different love language to me I usually still get them a gift but I try to focus more of my energy on how they will feel loved and not on getting the biggest gift out there.

For instance if quality time is a love language I may get them a small token gift and then spend money taking them out for coffee or ice cream and spending a few hours with them. They’ll appreciate the gift but they’ll love and feel loved by the time spent together.

If their love language is words of affirmation again, I’ll still get them a gift but I’ll make sure to write a card with the gift as well as send them a text on the day of. These things either don’t take any extra money or are about the same price as getting a normal gift but it’s what they will remember more, I can guarantee it.


Giving someone a meaningful gift and having a memorable holiday doesn’t have to break the bank or budget and you don’t have to DIY anything! Just make sure you are thinking of them first and it will be thoughtful no matter what!