My $25 A Month Budget February 2018

My $25 monthly budget review february.png

Friends it has been too long since I shared my monthly purchases with you and I’m very sorry about that. I’m writing up all of the months I have missed now and let me tell you, it is actually very fun for me to go back over what I bought the last few months and relive the “purchase high”. ;)

Yes I know, I’m a little strange. What can I say, I love a good deal and this month and the months to come were full of good deals! So let’s not waste any more time and dig in!

Psst! In case you are new around here I only spend $25 a month on unnecessary items. My husband and I have a very minimal budget and keep unnecessary purchases to a minimum. But, I still have a great life, enjoy shopping and have a great wardrobe/home (in my humble opinion), so I want to share my purchases with you to show you that you too can live on a minimal spending budget.

My $25 A Month Budget February 2018

$3.27 Hoop Wreath Supplies

Every once in awhile some of my friends and I have a “craft night” where we get together and make something. Really it’s an excuse to hang out and chat for a few hours. I usually like to just sit and watercolor but this night I bought supplies to make my own “hoop wreath” for my wall.

It turned out much better than I thought and now I want to make an even bigger one! I already owed a hoop so I just bought some fake flowers at the dollar tree and for under $4 I had another beautiful home decor piece. I’m a fan of DIY only when it saves me a lot of money. ;)


$3 Hydro Flask

I’m pretty sure I told everyone I saw about this deal for a week after I bought it. At my usual Goodwill shop I went to the mugs and was stunned to see a happy little yellow hydro flask looking up at me. Not only was I surprised to see one there but I thought for sure it would be $10 or more. Imagine my surprise when it was $2.99!

My husband had asked for one of these for Christmas a few years ago and I paid full price for it. I really liked his and wanted one but didn’t want to spend that kind of money again so to find one at Goodwill for that price was the Lord blessing me himself! So exciting! (Like I said, I’m pretty sure I told everyone I know about this find!)


$1 Wire Basket

When I went to visit my friend in Minnesota she had all her fruit and recipe cards on her kitchen counter in a cute little wire basket. I think it was technically a paper filing one but I loved how it looked and when I got home I texted her and said I wanted to copy her and where can I find one.

Since she is a thrifter just like me she said to just go to Goodwill in the office section and they should have cheap ones. Well my friend doesn't disappoint and neither does Goodwill. I found one for a $1 and now I have my own little fruit basket that doubles as a reminder of my friend.


$1 Glass Water Bottle

If you were to see me out and about you’d probably always see my starbucks reusable water cup with me. I’m a BIG water drinker and use that cup every single day to drink out of. The only problem is that in some situations I need a water container that closes fully and can be thrown in my bag (no straw sticking out).

So when I found this beautiful glass one with a wood looking lid I knew that would be my back up water bottle. It was only $1 and I love it for when I need something more portable than my starbucks cup. As a bonus it looks cute sitting on my kitchen shelf!


$2.20 Eyeliner

I wanted to get a better eyeliner that I could put on faster than my current set up takes so I tried out the wet n’ wild marker one, but sadly it wasn’t all that good. I’ve gone back to what I’ve always used and am still on the search for a cheap but good eyeliner for that perfect cat eye.


$3.42 Mascara

I don’t use expensive makeup except for my foundation. So I just grabbed a wet n’ wild mascara because I was running low. It works fine but definitely not anything fancy!


$4.35 Gold Orb

I almost didn’t buy this, which is crazy. But luckily I bumped into friends while I had it in my hand and they talked some sense into me.

I’d wanted one of these previously and even told my husband where he could find one for $8 for my Christmas list. Everywhere else I had looked for them they were $30 or more! So imagine my delight when I found this one that was double the size for only $4. It’s such a random decor item because it is literally just a gold geometric shape but I still love it and Greg surprisingly enough said that it was “so cool” so I guess that’s a win.

It currently sits on my fake little fireplace and brightens up that corner of the room. See it here.

Total: $18.24

Carry Over to Next Month: $6.76

I still at times feel like I’m not used to spending money again after taking that year long break and that’s why I don’t always use all of my $25 in one month.

But truth is, when you are busy working and chasing goals you don’t always have time to go thrifting and henceforth you don’t spend as much money. That is definitely part of the season I am in. So March I had a little extra money to spend and I think I did pretty well. ;)

I’ll be sharing that month next! :)

Chat soon!