Five Tips For Best Thrifting

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Thrifting is a favorite pastime of mine. I’ve been doing it so long I don’t really know what it’s like to not shop second hand. When I did my year or so without shopping it wasn’t that I missed buying all the things, I just missed going thrifting and looking around at different things.

Since this is a blog about spending less money and thrifting is one of the main ways I do this I thought it was about time I gave some of my main secrets away to you guys about how I thrift.


Five Tips For Best Thrifting

1. Go often.

This is key! If you find yourself going once in a while and never getting any good deals, it’s probably because you are not going often enough. Thrift stores, (especially bigger chain ones like Goodwill) are different than regular stores, they get new inventory in constantly. So, going only once in awhile won’t guarantee that you’ll find that amazing item. Going often ups your chances a lot to finding that killer deal.

2. Be okay leaving with nothing.

Now if you are going to start implementing tip number 1 then you have to master this one as well! You need to be okay going into the thrift store and leaving with nothing if you don’t find something you love. I go to my local thrift stores probably once a week and I’d say half the time I leave with nothing. Being okay leaving a store with nothing is a tip I teach in general because it relieves you of ever spending money on something you don’t absolutely love. But especially if you are trying to go often, you’ll need to learn this tip so you don’t break the budget!


3. Don’t just buy because it’s cheap.

Back in my not married and non budget days I would thrift all the time and buy all the clothes. I wasn’t really over spending because I would find them all at amazing deals! But that was just it! I was so good at finding cheap and cute clothes (sometimes for only pennies) that I started buying things just because of that. I no longer had items in my closet that I loved. Instead I had a bunch of items that were cute but I never gravitated towards wearing. My “breaking point” was when I literally couldn’t fit another hanger in my huge closet. I went through all of my clothes and got rid of everything I didn’t want to wear right away and made a vow to only buy what I was stoked about wearing, instead of what was just cute and cheap!


4. Have a bar for your prices.

Moving right along (can you tell all these tips go together) with not buying things just because they are cute and cheap you also want to make sure you have a bar for your prices in general. Sometimes we can get blinded by the fact that it’s at a thrift store and so it must be a good price. Or “this type of item is regularly x amount of dollars but now it’s here for half that price!”. But the fact of the matter is if you can’t afford it, or if it’s not really worth that much to you then it isn’t worth spending your money on. Just because you are thrifting doesn’t mean that all the prices are perfect. Have your own bar in your head of what you will or won’t spend on things and then go from there.


5. Know your spots and your paths.

This one is simple but I have found it is very helpful! Even though I love thrifting, I’m still a busy girl with other goals and things to do, I can’t spend hours a day looking through everything at Goodwill. So I have my two stores that I go regularly and in each store I have a path I take to make my way around the items that I’m most interested in. Mostly this tip saves you time and allows you to look quickly without having to navigate your way to every area differently each time and wonder if you saw everything. It might sound silly, but since I’ve gotten in this habit more it’s literally saved me time and gotten me to some killer deals right away!


Okay friends! That’s all I got for you! Let me know about some of your craziest deals from thrift stores! We all have those stories and I love hearing about them! Plus, if you have any other tips make sure to leave them in the comments for others to peruse!