3 Tips To Decorating Your Home On A Budget

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Like any other twenty something woman who has a little place to call home, I enjoy decorating that home. I like searching Pinterest for ideas, planning out which wall will have what things, and then after executing it staring for hours at it in enjoyment. ;)

The thing is with trying to make your home stylish or trendy it can get a little hard the smaller the budget. Or so that’s what we think. But as you guys know, I only spend $25 a month on anything unnecessary and as beautiful as it is, home decor is not a necessary purchase. So if I want to buy anything for the home or decorate in any way I have to get creative in order to do that.

Today I wanted to share my tips for decorating your home on a budget so you can still reach your financial goals while living in a home you love.


3 Tips To Decorating Your Home On A Budget


1. Thrift

Thrifting has been apart of my life since I was young and when I was going to move out on my own for the first time it saved me from spending a ton of money filling that apartment up with furniture and cheap home decor.

Now that I stick to a $25 a month budget thrifting is key to keeping that. (That’s not to say that you can’t stay under $25 a month if you don’t ever go to a thrift store, but you’ll definitely be able to buy more with your $25 than in regular stores.)

The key to thrifting anything good ever, is going often. If you catch yourself going once a month and never finding anything, it’s probably because you are not going often enough.

Unlike regular stores, thrift stores add items almost everyday. So new things are added every time you are there. I typically go once a week and have found some perfect gems for our home. I’ve found some of my favorite home decor ever at Goodwill. (One being two sets of hexagon shelves for $2 each (You can read about that here.) and a gold orb for $4.)


2. Make it.

I could've called this DIY but I’m just kind of over that phrase. How about you?

If you see inspiration on Pinterest but don’t want to pay that price, try and figure out if you can make it for cheaper. Sometimes this isn’t the best solution (for instance trying to make the hexagon shelves I wanted was going to end up being about the same if not more money to buy them at the department store. Luckily I found them at Goodwill like I said!) but other times it works out perfectly!

I had seen these that people were hanging in their house all year round and they were so cute and perfect for brightening up a space. But I didn’t want to order any of them off Etsy and pay $30. So it took me ten minutes after buying some fake flowers and the hoop (I actually already had a hoop but that would have only been a buck or two at the thrift store as well) to hot glue them on.

Figure out if there is a way to make what you want for a much cheaper price and you can decorate till the cows come home!


3. When in doubt, dollar store frame it!

Literally I’ve been doing this trick since forever. I can’t understand buying frames anywhere else. (Except maybe the thrift store!)

Anything you make or like, that you can frame, frame it. It will look x10 better on your wall framed and like you actually went to a lot of trouble. I was messing around with watercolors one day and ended up writing something out that ended up turning out pretty nice. I thought, “I don’t want to just trash this” so I put a dollar store frame over it and hung it up. Voila!

I’ve also used letter stamps (that I found at the thrift store for $.50) and stamped a couple lines of a song on three different pieces of white paper and framed those in dollar store frames next to each other and all of a sudden I had a statement wall.

I’m not kidding guys, when in doubt, frame it.


I could probably keep going for a awhile about this because I’m kind of on a decorating kick trying to get my home the way I want it since we are going to be living here longer than I thought. But alas, I will leave you here.

If you have any cheap decor tricks post them below so others can read those too! If you’ve written a blog post about a similar topic leave that as well!

I wish you the best of luck in your home decorating and financial goals! Yes, you can have both! And may they intertwine beautifully! ;)