My $25 Budget Review: January 2018

My $25 monthly budget review january.png

Let’s just get it out in the open right away that this month’s total is over $25 by a bit. So first things first, let me explain why.

The rule is I get $25 a month to spend however I’d like to. If I do not spend all of the $25 during the month whatever amount is left gets carried over to the next month.

So if you’ve read my October & November Budget Review, and my December Budget Review, you’ll know that I spent under $25 in all three of those months. So I had built up a little bit of a rollover amount for January and ended up using basically all of the roll over this month.

So in actuality I didn’t go over my saved budgeted "Lydia" amount including what had rolled over. I promise I’m still keeping my strict budget! Not to worry! Here is the math to prove it! ;)


October Spent $21.33 out of $25
November Spent $21.69 out of $25
December Spent $18.30 out of $25

$13.68 Left Rolled Over to January + $25 every month
$38.68 allowed to spend!


Okay, now that we got all that explaining out of the way we can get to the part where I show you my goods! I’d like to call this budget review "Lydia buys mugs & sweaters to sit in her living room and enjoy her home decor". What do you think, too long of a title?


My $25 Budget review: January 2018

Lydia buys mugs & sweaters to sit in her living room and enjoy her home decor


$1.08 Huge Mason Jar Mug

The first of many mug purchases this month!

I don’t know what your route is when you go into your local thrift store but the first place I go is the mugs. Our mug collection has been lacking lately for some time but I will never buy new mugs in stores because I can never justify the price, even when they are on sale.

So I go off to Goodwill or other thrift stores where they are $.50 to $1. And truthfully I have to really love it to pay even a dollar but this mug was not your typical jar mug size so it was worth it. I’d been wanting something bigger to drink my cold drinks out of besides a plain plastic cup and this one was huge with a handle and actually said mason on it so yes, I paid that $1.08 for it! No regrets.


$2.17 Set of 2 Hexagon Shelves

If you read my November Budget Review you know that Jesus showered his love on me and provided a set of 3 hexagon shelves for $2 at Goodwill.

It was glorious and lovely and I was so stoked and I ended up wanting more of them to add to the wall. I could of put it on my Christmas list but I couldn’t put $30 hexagon shelves new on my Christmas list knowing I had found the same ones for $2.

So I didn’t but just kept looking at Goodwill for more with no realistic hope I would find any. Which is dumb on my part because JESUS PROVIDES my friends!

I found another set of 2 hexagon shelves at Goodwill and again for $2. I literally couldn’t believe it and neither did anyone I told. These ones are a little more distressed and almost look homemade but together with the other ones it actually looks really good mismatched. I’m SO thankful and in awe of the little things God provides! Seriously so cool!


$6.39 Linen Basket

Speaking of crazy Goodwill finds and beautiful home decor. My sister was heading to Goodwill one day so I sent her a text to look for baskets for me for my living room. To which she replied essentially “good luck” sarcastically because either Goodwill never has nice baskets that size or if they do they cost an arm and a leg.

Well a little while later she sends me a picture of the basket with all her limbs still attached! $6 friends! It was only $6 and looked just like the pictures I had sent her of what I was looking for. Now I have a spot for all my extra blankets and pillows to store in the living room and as a bonus it looks so nice!


$8.47 Grey Sweater

Ah, we’ve reached the first sweater purchase of the month. I’d been wanting a longer (past my knees) sweater for a while but hadn’t been able to find one that fit the look I wanted with the price I wanted.

I’ve also been trying when I buy clothes to buy what I really want and love even if it is a little bit more (read $8) rather than buying a lot of cute and super cheap things that I never really gravitate towards wearing. So when I saw this and instantly wanted to wear it out of the store I thought it was worth the $8. Also, I'm wearing it right now. Fun fact!


$10.12 Hair Developer & Bleach

You’ll be seeing this purchase every so often in my $25 budget just like in you did in October because well friends you might as well know, I’m 26 and going almost completely grey.

I know, shocking, sad, depressing, oh wait those are my emotions you probably don’t care that much? ;)

But I’m not ready to fully give up on my naturally red hair so for now I dye it every so often to get rid of those embarrassing grey roots. This month I added some bleach on the bottom for that ombre effect. And by “I” I mean the friend that I ever so kindly asked to do it for me. :) I just buy the products and she does the magic! I would/could never keep up this hair color if I had to go to a salon!


$1.25 Black & White Striped Sweater

I mean, I have a black and white stripe everything so it’s only fitting that when I find a black and white striped sweater for $1.25 I buy it. You can’t expect anything else from me! But in actuality this one was longer with slits on the side and I don't own a black and white striped sweater so it felt fitting to get it.


$.50 Christmas Mug

Okay so it’s January I know. I can still buy Christmas mugs! Technically it just has a couple trees on the front so it could just be a Washington mug but I definitely put it with the Christmas decorations when I got home. Truth is, I got a new Christmas mug this year and I loved it so much and wanted more but didn’t buy any. So when I saw this one that was a similar size and look, and $.50 I snagged it okay. Less judging guys!


$3.24 Cropped Sweater with Floral Embroidery

Another sweater you ask? Yes. But this one takes the cake. First of all this day of thrifting was made so much better by Goodwill having all of their jackets, sweaters, and long sleeves half off!

So when my sister pulled this beautiful embroidery one off the rack and we realized it was $3 I instantly told her I wanted it! It’s cropped so I've been wearing it with my high waisted jeans. Plus the floral detailing is so pretty and I feel all put together when I wear it. And, you know, $3!


$4.32 Olive Green Sweater

Now I know what you are thinking, “You said you bought a lot of sweaters but jeeze!” and yes this is a lot. But in my defense I used to have an olive green sweater that I loved dearly but technically it was my sister’s and she took it back about a year ago.

So for over a year I’ve been looking for a replacement one. Now imagine my excitement when the day I find the perfect replacement one is the day all sweaters are half off! Obviously it had to go in the cart! Once again, no regrets.


$.60 Gold & White Mug

I’m drinking out of this mug currently and I’m still so happy I bought it. I don’t care that I already bought 2 other mugs this month. I love the gold and white stripes on this one so much and I wish I had more than one of it. It's nice because I feel guilty or second guess buying these mugs when they are adorable and $.60. Before you buy any mug from a department store check out your local thrift stores first! Pure gold guys, pure gold!

Total Spent: $38.14 (I HAVE NO REGRETS!)


Well if you actually made it through that whole thing without skimming we should probably have coffee in person because obviously we are very similar and like the same things. This post was a novel for sure!

Since I used up all of my rollover amount February is back to $25. Can’t wait to share what I get! :)

Until then friends!