My $25 Budget Review: December 2017


Here we are again friends, going through my unnecessary purchases for the month of December.

Yes, I’m aware that it is February, but I batch write my posts earlier than when they go live and I can’t guess what I’m going to spend by the end of that month so I just have to write it a little bit after the fact.

You don’t mind do you? ;) Good!


December is full of writing my husband the loveliest “wish list” of my own and my husband and I are really good gift givers (it is both of our love languages) so I don’t really have the urge to buy that much unlike other months.

However, as I’m sure happens with everyone else, well I hope I’m not the only one, I also am constantly shopping buying Christmas presents and you can’t help but see things you’d like yourself! ;)

In conclusion, I bought things, but I also didn’t buy things, and my total was under $25.

Let’s dive in shall we?

My $25 Budget Review: December 2017

$.50 L & G Mugs

Okay guys! Are you ready for a great story? Well, okay a good story. I won’t build it up too much…

So there I was perusing my way through my local thrift store when I see a monogrammed “G” mug sitting all cute on a shelf. I thought to myself, “mm that’s cute but Greg won’t appreciate this just random “G” mug or really want it without a matching "L". That would be so random if they had an “L” one.” Then I moved on down the isle and left it in it’s spot.

Then. At the opposite end of the same isle, lo and behold I spot the same brand of mug with that first initial of "L". No other monogrammed mugs were anywhere else. It was crazy, random and meant to be. So whoever broke up in order to give my husband and I these two mugs, I’m sorry, but I am grateful for the donation.

Seriously though. I felt like it was pretty crazy. They are from the same Christmas set at Target a couple of years ago. I remember seeing them in store back then too but not for the $.25 I got them for this day! It was great! (So what do you think? Good story or great?)

$9.33 Brown Booties

My first purchase I made for myself while shopping for others. But, in my defense I'd been looking for these types of boots for awhile. They were the perfect shade of light brown, had an opening on the side and fit really nice. But the obvious selling point was that they were only $9!

$7.03 Throw Pillows

So I bought throw pillows for our new couch.

But I want to explain where the money came for our new (well, new to us) couch since it was a non-essential in my mind but it didn’t come out of my $25 a month budget. Also because I'm always transparent with you guys.

So quickly I’ll explain:

Way back when I worked a 9-5 job I got a Christmas bonus of $70 and because I’m a hardcore saver at heart I stuck the cash away for myself to use on something special. I do this from time to time if I get random extra money from something that is not income. The only thing is it takes a lot for something to be "special enough" for me to spend that money. (As it should be!)

This couch though, made the cut easily. So our new to us couch, that I absolutely am still so jazzed about and was only $45, was paid for by my Christmas bonus from 3.5 years ago. How is that for being a minimal spender and maximum saver?!

All that to say, with a BEAUTIFUL new couch, I had to get a couple new throw pillows and found basically brand new ones at good will for around $3 each! They are yellow with white stripes and go with our deep blue couch perfectly! My little living room is looking so much brighter these days!


$1.37 Cute Cut Out Shoes

Can I just say shout out to all the sisters that convince you to go back and buy the shoes?

I went shopping at Goodwill with my sister and had found these cute black oxford looking shoes with cutouts on the side. At the time they were half off of $8 but I just wasn’t convinced they were worth it so I put them back.

My sister (who is not the same size shoe as me or she would have snatched them up) told me I was making a mistake but it wasn’t until days later after I kept thinking about these dumb shoes that I realized she was right. I went back and got the shoes, but it ended up being a win because when I went back they were only $1.29! So for a little over a buck I got myself some beautiful new shoes and my sister’s approval. I’d say I’m doing pretty good! ;)

Total: $18.23

That was all for December, but oh, Christmas was good to me and just my favorite time of year so overall it was great month!

If you don’t already know, if I go under for one month the amount just transfers over to the next month. So the last few months I’ve spent less than the $25 a month so I had a little extra money I could spend in January which you'll see in my next post I made sure to use all of it! ha!

Until then friends I wish you the best of luck in your minimal budgets!