Two Things Money WILL Buy You

2 things Money Will Buy You.png

Money can’t buy happiness. We know this.

But the things we can’t deny is that at a certain point having money or not having money does affect your happiness level. Really, the sentiment behind that phrase is that more money won’t make you more happy. Which is totally true.

But there are things that money does “buy” you that in my opinion give you a whole lot of happiness. The whole reason I care about budget, spending less money and living minimal in general is basically because of these two things. It’s one of the main reasons I have a website that just teaches about money. What are these two things that money “buy” you?


Freedom of choice.

Freedom of time.



When you don’t have money you don’t get to choose where you work, you take the job you're given.
When you don’t have money you don’t get to choose where you eat out, the price chooses for you.
When you don’t have money you don’t get to choose what class you take, you take the free one or you take none.

Money gives us the freedom to decide. To decide what type of thing we’d like, to decide where we work, to decide what we eat.

Imagine a life of not being able to deicide. I can’t. The fact that people are stuck in life doing things they hate because they need the money and they don’t have the freedom of choice is crazy to me. We live in a country and day and age where we can change that if we knew how to handle money right, but sadly we don’t.

Budgets and spending less money is not about having a boring life where you can never spend any money. Just the opposite, having control of your money gives you endless options to create a life you love always!



This one is the biggest reason I care about money at all! I’ve always hated someone having control over my time. Although I liked my first job and I was a responsible young adult that listened and worked when she was scheduled I secretly hated so much that someone else created my schedule and I had to be there when they said. It didn’t matter if it was a holiday, if there was a family party going on, or if I had anything else to do. Someone was in control of my time.

Why? Because I needed the money.

Now, we all need some money to live. I get it. But being able to live off less money allows you to not need as much money, which allows you to work less if you want or trade jobs for one you like that maybe pays a little less. Being able to live off less money gives you the freedom of time because your paycheck isn’t deciding your life. You are deciding your life and not dependent on your next paycheck.

Take back your money and finances and you’ll take back your time. I promise!


These two things are so near and dear to my heart and I’m so passionate about taking them seriously. I care so much about teaching others about money and spending less of it because of these two things I want for you guys!

Take the time to take control of your money and you will experience these two freedoms I’m talking about!