Ten Things To Do To Serve Yourself In Your Twenties

March 4, 2016

Your twenties might actually be the hardest decade of your life. Because of this fact I've put together a short list of things you can do to help your twenty something years go a little better and how to serve yourself in your twenties, more specifically. Click through to read!

Ten Things To Do To Serve Yourself In Your Twenties


Comparing yourself to others’ looks, successes, relationships or whatever is the fastest way to become unhappy. When you are constantly looking at what you don’t have and how much better that person is, you are constantly tearing yourself down. When has that ever served us in the past? I think your twenties is definitely a decade where you start to learn that really comparing is useless and you start to have confidence in who you are. But sometimes it doesn’t happen soon enough. So start today looking at the uniqueness we all have instead of how you and someone else compare. You’ll be a lot happier, I promise.


We all have dreams and goals that we think about in our twenties. But in order to actually serve ourselves well we need to stop dreaming and start planning, then stop planning and start working. Whatever dreams or wonderful goals you have are nothing if you don’t put in the work And most of those dreams, will take a lot of work! But that’s okay! Good even! Anything you love in life is worth working for! So stop day dreaming at your 9-5 about what you want to do and start putting in the work to do just that!


So often we play follow the leader without even realizing it. We act a certain way or treat others a certain way because it is what we are used to seeing. Start making a point to act different than those around you, to do the things they won’t. Pick up the trash someone left, or stay late to clean up after a party, allow yourself to be interrupted when someone needs you, call instead of text. If you want to live a life different than the ones you see around you then you have to act different than others. Do the things others won’t do.


It’s the simplest yet most effective way to serve yourself in your twenties. Start right now. Not tomorrow. Not when you accomplish that thing. Not when someone else starts believing in you first. Believe in yourself now. Right now. Believe in your ability to transform your life, to accomplish your goals, and have that dream become a reality. Don’t wait for others to do it for you, believe in yourself so much and others will start following suit.


This is Lydia talking from a half eaten bag of Reese’s cups sitting on her couch. Yes, we should be eating healthy and serving our body well. But putting that on this list is a little obvious. Also, I don’t want to tell you the message that you need to be constantly watching what you eat and never take a bite out of a cupcake! You can’t live like that people! So yes, in your twenties, and heck in other decades as well, eat some junk food but not all of it.


Speaking of that junk food, this “water” you hear so much about, will help to flush out so much of what you are putting in. Also it just does amazing things for your body and well being in general. I don’t care how much you do or don’t drink already, drink more. I promise it will serve you well.


As much as I enjoy a good novel and my bookclub, reading to learn has also become something I enjoy in my twenties. Back in school it would be instant nap time the moment I took out any kind of educational book. However now I tend to get more excited about books that are going to grow my world a bit. It doesn’t have to be any sort of textbook. Self development books are awesome to help you to understand yourself better, or other people, or better your relationships. Or if you are into something specific and want to learn more about that, even better! It’s still reading for pleasure but also keeps your brain going and your educational juices flowing!


Yes we all know that you are busy but that might be the problem that needs fixing. Giving someone else your time is literally giving them something that you can never get back! That says a lot to that person just when you do that. Take the time to listen and talk to people in your life that you care about. No matter what you do I can guarantee that you won’t regret time spent investing in others, especially those you love.


Oh yeah, and for those of you who tend to lean top heavy on number eight, remember to also make time for yourself. Even if you feel responsible for others, or that others should come first, you can only give as much as you have. If you never take time to fill yourself up then you won’t have any to pour out. Take a bath, read that book we talked about, or paint your nails. Spend time giving yourself a break.


If you read my post from the other day you know that your twenties can be the hardest decade of your life. But keep going. It gets better I promise!


Even if you did only half of these things listed you would still be a lot better off than some that won’t ever do any. So take time to take care and to serve yourself in your twenties. You deserve it! I’m cheering you on! ;)


4 thoughts on “Ten Things To Do To Serve Yourself In Your Twenties

  1. Melanie

    Love this post Lydia! It’s all so true. I feel like I’m just starting to truly “discover” myself now that I’m in my twenties. It’s the perfect time to find your independence and what sets you apart from everyone else since there isn’t as much on the line. Plus, if you take the time to do these things now, it’ll make life much more wholesome down the road!

  2. Haley

    I love love LOVE this post. Growing up, I was so scared of being labeled “selfish” that I learned to constantly put myself second. I’m not saying this is always bad – serving others and being selfless is so important – but like you say, it’s important to serve yourself too. I’m still working on this, and this post is the perfect reminder that taking time for yourself is important too, and NOT selfish when it means you get to be a better, stronger person for others.
    Thanks for your wise words Lydia :)
    xo, Haley


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