A Wedding On A Budget : $2000

November 16, 2015

My Wedding Under $2,000 // Lydia Lois - Lifestyle Blogger

Think you have to spend a lot on you wedding day to make it special? Learn how I got the fairytale wedding on a financial budget!

Greg and I had been together over four years when we got engaged. So naturally we were ready to get married right as soon as we got engaged. I remember one of the first conversations we had about wedding planning Greg very hesitantly said something about not wanting to have a huge wedding where we spent all our money and had to wait a long time to plan it because he just really wanted to be married. To which I kind of laughed in his face a bit and said, “Do you even know me?”

Sure I, like most girls, had dreamed of that Pinterest wedding at some point but once I got engaged I realized a couple of things:

  1. I didn’t want to plan that wedding. (Or put off the wedding in order to plan it.)
  2. I didn’t want to pay for that type of wedding.

Also, I just really really wanted to be married too. Like, stat.

So I told him in that conversation, “Greg, I don’t want that either, give me a timeline and a budget and I’ll make it happen.” He basically said he would like to be married by July and spend around $1000.

Well the cost came to a little over $1500 but out of our pockets was probably around $1000 and we were married on June 8th. So it kind of compromised itself. ;)

So for your perusal and just curious minds I’m going to break down how we did that.

My Wedding Under $2,000 // Lydia Lois - Lifestyle Blogger

A Wedding on a Budget: My Wedding Under $2,000


I said ever since my sister moved into her house that I loved it so much I wanted to get married there. It was a beautiful house but the property around it was just magical and initially I thought maybe it would happen in the barn that was on the property once they owned it and the barn was cleaned out (they were renting the house at the time) but they were still renting when Greg proposed.

I didn’t really have any other place in mind, I loved the property so much. But I officially asked her if we could use her home after he proposed and thankfully she said yes!


My Wedding Under $2,000 // Lydia Lois - Lifestyle Blogger

DINNER – $250

I was still working in the kitchen of a retirement home at the time and had been for four years at that point. I think it had been joked around a little bit about some of the cooks getting together and doing my food (they were all relatives and cooked for family parties all the time) but I mentioned the idea to Greg who likes that type of food and he was all for it. So I hesitantly asked them if they would be willing to come out and do it. (My sister’s house was an hour and a half away.) Luckily they said yes and charged me basically the cost of the food and not anything more!

CAKE – $75

I really didn’t want to have some fancy cake and truly didn’t think it was worth the cost of most wedding cakes. So I again asked the main baker we had in the kitchen if she would be up for it. She was super nervous because she wanted it to be perfect but she agreed. Again, I just had to buy all the supplies!

DRINKS – $37

For drinks we had water bottles because it was a pretty hot day but we also had a couple of dispensers with Crystal Light Lemonade and Peach Tea. My favorite. :)


My Wedding Under $2,000 // Lydia Lois - Lifestyle BloggerMy Wedding Under $2,000 // Lydia Lois - Lifestyle Blogger

DRESS – $18

I had a heck of a time finding a dress. I knew I didn’t want your typical ballgown but was having a hard time finding the perfect mixture of special occasion and yet understated. I had basically settled on a dress I had found but didn’t really get butterflies with it. I was out shopping for something else with one of my bridesmaids when I came across a beautiful little number. I called my friend back into the dressing room and told her I thought this was the one. She was a little hesitant at my decision because I had sort of cried wolf a lot about this. But she loved it too and I walked away with butterflies. Oh, and it was $17.99 from T.J. Max.

VEIL – $7

I wanted those small birdcage looking veil so I bought some tool, a flower and a clip and put it all together for under $10.

SHOES – $12

I had wanted to wear lace Toms but sadly waited too long to order them and then didn’t want to pay to have them rushed. It was about 2-3 days before the wedding and I still didn’t have shoes. I knew what I wanted, kinda, but I hadn’t actually found/bought them. Two of my bridesmaids went with me and we found a knock off pair of red Toms for $12. I ended up wearing them all throughout our honeymoon and they are probably my shoes with the most sentimental memories and adventures. I love them!

TUX – approx. $100

Greg’s tux was a rental for a little over $100. But his family went with him and graciously ended up covering that cost!

My Wedding Under $2,000 // Lydia Lois - Lifestyle Blogger


Music – $135 // We rented speakers and a microphone and had one of our friends “DJ” using music we had downloaded onto my Macbook.

Tables & Chairs – $178 // We accidentally ended up renting way more than we needed because I put extra on hold and forgot to tell the person picking them up that we didn’t need them all. So we actually would have paid a lot less had I remembered that!

Flowers – approx. $80 // Greg’s mom and aunt took care of the flowers for us and I never knew exactly how much but this was her estimate from memory. I know she did purchase the flowers from Fred Meyer. She picked up the bundles the day before and then put the bouquets together there for us.

My Wedding Under $2,000 // Lydia Lois - Lifestyle BloggerMy Wedding Under $2,000 // Lydia Lois - Lifestyle Blogger

Flower Girl Basket & Pedals – $4 // Goodwill! ;)

Invitations – $30 // I designed them myself and just had them printed on white card stock.

Photography – $500 // This was pretty much the thing I was willing to fork out some cash for. Even more so than my dress because I wanted my photos to turn out lovely and I ended up getting a great deal.

Tablecloths & Cutlery – $39 // We used plastic for both but wrapped the cutlery in ribbon to make it look nicer. Also we used two tables cloths per table and used one as a “runner” down the middle.

Marriage License – $64 // The technical stuff is always no fun.



Like I said our family chipped in on a bunch of stuff but the cost to actually put our wedding on was very low overall. Now we did have a fairly small wedding. We joke that if we got married now it would be totally different due to how many people we have met and gotten closer to in the last few years. But at the time we had our family and close friends and we really didn’t need anyone else there.

My Wedding Under $2,000 // Lydia Lois - Lifestyle Blogger

I know it can be hard to scale down your wedding both budget and size but here are a few of my tips.

  • Choose a budget, (a what are we willing to spend amount) and stick to it.
  • Decide ahead of time before getting numbers, what the most important things to you are, aka what you are willing to spend the most on.
  • Remember no matter what the bride is always beautiful no matter what the dress looks like, and your pictures are always magical no matter how expensive or inexpensive the photographer is because they are pictures of your wedding.
  • Don’t invite out of guilt, ever. EVER. EVER. EVER.
  • Allow people to help or even ask them. Whether it’s food, or using someone’s property, or some of their canning jars for centerpieces. You’d be surprised how many people would feel honored to be even asked and to be apart of your day.
  • Invitations will be thrown away by 80% to 90% even if there is a picture with it.

I hope you enjoyed a peak into our day and our finances. I like being open with you all here on the blog. It makes us feel like real life friends! :)

My Wedding Under $2,000 // Lydia Lois - Lifestyle Blogger


P.S. All photos done by Fyrelite Photography


24 thoughts on “A Wedding On A Budget : $2000

  1. Krista

    I decided that I wanted my budget to be $5000. The church costs us $75 for cleaning (ceremony and reception), the pastor is by donation, the organist is by donation, we are doing our own food, my dress was bought off the rack at a bridal salon (a $2000 dress for $400), my cake is going to be made by a coworker for 200 (which is enough cake for 150 guests), my photographer is expensive– but she is so easy to work with, our decor is all diy with the exception of the flowers, which we got a deal with a florist (we are picking up our flowers to avoid delivery fees.), The tuxes are rented (we are paying for all the groomsmen too), the bridesmaids dresses were bought off the clearance rack at macy’s for $30 each (we also paid for these.), all my other stuff like guest book and unity candle came from hobby lobby when they had a sale. I am truly a budget bride and I am proud of it!

    1. Lydia Lois Post author

      I LOVE this! So awesome! I would say you are right to spend the most money on the photographer! Everything else will fade but the photos you will always keep! I love all your other ideas and tips too! Congrats on your day. It will (or if it’s in the past I bet it was) beautiful and didn’t leave you in debt either! :) Thanks Krista!

  2. Deirdre

    I love this!!! I’m currently engaged and we’re figuring out our budget now since we’ve already got our date for May 2018 and this is truly my inspiration! Many blessings for a prosperous marriage!

  3. Jasmine

    Your wedding is my inspiration!! I’m also having a $2000 wedding and everyone has said it can’t be done. Im determined to show them it can!

        1. Lydia Lois Post author

          That’s a great question! I didn’t even think to add that! We just got my husband’s ring at Walmart for about $25 and I didn’t get a wedding band. I didn’t want one yet but said maybe for our 10 year anniversary he could get one for me. ;) I had only been engaged for two months so I liked just having my engagement ring on. I don’t count the engagement ring as part of our wedding budget and I’m not sure the exact price since he bought it but I believe it was on sale and under $500. The most expensive thing but again I don’t consider that part of the budget because that came out of his money where everything in the wedding (including if I had gotten a wedding band) came out of our budget together. Just wanted to explain why I don’t add the $500. But I do think I will edit the post and add his ring! Thanks for the reminder! :)

  4. Giselle

    I was so impressed. I spent a lot more on my wedding, I got married July 2015. I DIY my whole wedding, my family cooked, and since I’m a florist I did my flowers. My bridesmaid dresses was bought as a present to my bridesmaid at amazon at about $19.99 to 29.99 each I picked a color and the girls picked the style. My cake was made by a friend who only argued me $100. I did splurged on my dress and photography, my dress is sitting on my closet and I’m jealous that you did so good on yours. Everything was beautiful

    1. Lydia Lois Post author

      Giselle! You did awesome! I love that your family could do the food for you and that you’re a florist! That’s amazing! Thanks for your sweet words! Photography was my biggest expense too but well worth it!

  5. Aimee C.

    Hi Lydia!
    First, your post has given me so much peace! My boyfriend and I are very serious so naturally the wedding ideas and the Pinterest obsession has already started for me. If and when the time comes, we will be on a major budget and I am so thankfully to see a gorgeous wedding that was done on a budget! You have given me a huge confidence boost! I found your blog via Pinterest and will now be reading everything you have posted!! I haven’t looked yet, but do you have any posts about honeymoons on a budget?
    P.S. – Also I am addicted to TJ MAXX and I adore that you got your dress there! I plan to buy mine from the Anthropologie Outlet store and the bridesmaids dresses from TJMAXX.com – the selection online is amazing!
    Thanks so much!

    1. Lydia Lois Post author

      I’m so glad to hear all that Aimee! It can be hard with pinterest and everything these days to feel the pressure of having the perfect wedding, but what’s perfect for you is definitely different than what is perfect for others. I think it’s important to remember that fact. :) I love TJ Max and I didn’t know there was an anthropology outlet out there! That’s awesome!

      I did do a honeymoon on a budget post as a guest post on another website, GenTwenty. You can find it here!

      Thanks for reaching out! :)

    1. Lydia Lois Post author

      Hi Bella! You are too sweet! I can’t believe I forgot to post what the officiant cost and that no one else ever noticed until now! It was a family friend of ours and I think we paid $100. Hope that helps! :)

  6. Lydia J

    This is fantastic! What great ideas and your day looks absolutely beautiful. I am jealous of your connections! I spent forever looking for a venue and the cheapest I could find was a state park for $220. Still significantly less than anywhere else though. Wedding planning is crazy. Also, fun fact! My name is Lydia too and I am also getting married on June 8th! How cool is that?!

    1. Lydia Lois Post author

      Hi Lydia! (That feels weird to type!) What a coincidence but that is so cool! Congrats on your engagement and almost wedding! :) Something I’ve learned about having “connections” or not is never be someone’s “No”. Essentially that means to just ask people. A lot of times we don’t ask people for help, a deal, assistance, whatever it is because we are afraid they’ll say no. But the fact is they may not and you may be missing out and you may be robbing them of the opportunity to bless you, which they might totally want to do! I always try to remember this in life but i applies for getting help for big events like weddings. :) I hope you have a PERFECT day and PERFECT weather like we did! :) Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Lydia Lois Post author

      Thank you! For bridal gifts ahh! I forgot to add that in! But it wasn’t much! I made individual necklaces with a scrabble piece of the first letter of each of their names. So I just had to buy the chains and hooks (I already owned scrabble) which was pretty cheap! I wrote a nice sweet and long note to each and put the necklace with it.

      I ALWAYS find with gift giving the more sentimental you go is not only cheaper but means more to them! Hope that helps give you ideas!

  7. Emilz

    I love this, my wedding came to a total of $800NZD and it was amazing. If I had all the money in the world I would not want to do it any diffrent.

  8. Ann

    I am SO GLAD you were dedicated to making your day special without spending a lot. IMO, I actually enjoy things more when I get a good deal on them — so your day must have been GREAT!! But I want to see the red Toms!! SO FUN! Thanks for linking up on Frugal Fridays! :-)


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