My $25 Monthly Budget : November 2015

December 1, 2015

My $25 Budget // Lydia Lois - Lifestyle Blogger

If you think that it's impossible to spend less, save money, budget, and still enjoy everything you love, think again! I do it every month with a budget of only $25. Click through to see what I spend it on and how I do it!


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Now! Onto the post!

I wanted to do this post last month but as time does start flying this time of year I never got around to it. So I thought I would write this up as soon as I could so that my time wouldn’t run away from me!

As you know by know Greg and I have a passion for money and budgeting especially as young twenty somethings. I want to help others learn the value of saving and spending wisely in order to stay out of debt and build a future. One way Greg and I are doing that right now is staying on a strict budget in order to live way within our means and save for a house. Part of that budget is that we each have $25 to spend a month on ourselves. He gets $25, I get $25.

What this means is anything that would be a want you spend that $25 on. For myself, that means usually clothes, makeup, or maybe a book once in awhile. For the last year it has almost all been spent primarily on clothes. However, since I have been getting rid of a ton of clothes I have been trying not to buy as much as well. Instead my monthly budget has been filled with other things, which is nice for a change.

Anyways, let me break down to you this month and how I get away with (and am satisfied) with only spending $25 total.

I will say, for the sake of being 100% transparent, that I don’t figure out tax exactly for multiple reasons. Sometimes I buy the item with other items and I’m too lazy to figure out the exact tax for just my item. Other times I want another $1 item and if I count tax on another product I technically can’t get it. (Like I said, 100% honesty) But I can tell you I never round down on my purchases, for instance if something is $2.69 I usually say it was $3 taking tax overall into consideration. It’s my own system that works and I know to never actually go over the $25 amount by more than a dollar or so in tax. I don’t know if that made sense, but I at least wanted to mention it. :)



My $25 Monthly Budget : November 2015

$2 Journal "Carpe That Diem" // Lydia Lois - Lifestyle Blogger

Journal:: $2

So I might have a slight obession/collect journals. The catch? I don’t write in them. Up until I started this blog I never wrote consistently in any journal. But I loved them! Seriously! I never get sick of looking through them, and I never get sick of giving them as gifts. So if anyone is thinking of getting me something, a journal is always a good idea.

This particular one I picked up was only $2. I was picking out treats for a friend of mine (who also shares this love of journals) so when I saw it was only two bucks I picked it up for her and I both. Too cheap not to and obviously pretty cute too.

$8 Retro Floral Printed Chairs // Lydia Lois - Lifestyle Blogger$8 Retro Floral Printed Chairs // Lydia Lois - Lifestyle Blogger

THE Chairs:: $8

Walking around Goodwill with my sister I spotted these bad boys and thought, those are cute, those are really cute. Then proceeded to stay there, arm holding on to one of the chair legs looking at them for a good ten minutes deciding if I *should* buy them.(You see I’ve kind of silently told myself to not buy for a house I’m not even close to owning yet. Simply because I don’t know what said house will look like and I don’t want to waste money just dreaming.)

But I pictured too many perfect scenarios with the chairs, the colors were colors I wanted in my next home, and they were in too good of condition to not, plus, the price! So I called my sister who had wandered to another isle and said, “Bring the cart, I’m getting the chairs.”

My questionable decision was confirmed when after walking around a little bit with them in my cart three, three, people stopped me to comment on how great the chairs were and how I had “got a great retro find”. One woman went as far as to make sure I wasn’t going to recover them. Which of course I assured her I wasn’t!

$4 Wet N' Wild Makeup // Lydia Lois - Lifestyle Blogger

Make up:: $4

I went out looking for a good eye shadow palette as I just learned how to actually wear eye shadow (not kidding) and my three year old palette was running out. I ended up stumbling across a little sale when I went shopping where they were having a 40% off sale of all wet n’ wild products.

Now I’m well aware that wet n’ wild is the cheap brand for makeup. But what can I say, they have a type of lipstick that is always the best for me, and all their other products I buy there (lip liner, eyeshadow, mascara) have always been good to me, even better than any of the elf products I’ve bought.

So when I saw that 40% off I knew I’d be able to buy much more than eye shadow. I came away with a replacement eye shadow, a new mascara because I had been running out, and a new lipstick color to try which turned out to be a little more pink than I had wanted. I ended up giving it to a friend but for $.59 it really isn’t a waste!


A Beautiful Black Floppy Hat:: $10

I’ve been looking for this hat for months. Everyone has been looking so cute in these for fall and winter and I was determined to find one to fit my big head and small budget! I’d look around and even went as far as to go to the exact store someone had said they got their’s and essentially copy them!

But alas! I came up empty handed each time! I found one at Old Navy I had liked but it was $20 and I wasn’t about to blow my whole monthly budget on a hat. So when black Friday rolled around and my friend and I wanted to peruse some sales later in the day (because heck no to crazies, am I right?) Old Navy was having a 50% off the entire store sale. So you bet your bottom dollar I went looking for that hat!

Imagine my pure delight when there was one left, size large which fit oh so comfortably and it was half off! $10 baby! Exactly what was left in my budget for the month! I mean can I get an amen or what? Amen! I was so excited I wore it to get our christmas tree, aka, christmas card picture taking time. :)



Well November is over and December is quickly taking us to the new year! I’m excited and a little terrified. 2015 was a big year with a whole lot of changes and trusting God so I have a feeling we are not done with that yet!

I hope December treats you all well and that your bank account doesn’t deplete itself before the new year!

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6 thoughts on “My $25 Monthly Budget : November 2015

  1. Shawn Dsouza

    Loved that i stumbled across this! I am trying to save for different causes – to travel and for my next house and while paying off college loan. I do the same but in my currency. Its tough but as you said earlier you get a hang of it with time. The bigger picture puts everything in place. you see things as – is it worth it and do i really need it ?
    Finding things like this does help the feeling of being broke a less lonely thing!
    Keep it up – All of you :)

    1. Lydia Lois Post author

      Shawn! It’s so true that perspective matters! Realizing every decision you make with your money will have a reaction to it. It’s important to ask if it’s worth it? Good luck and keep up the hard work! It pays off in the end! :)

  2. Arelis Cintron-Dias

    I currently have 65 as my budget for the month on wants and I typically put the money at the end of the month that I didn’t use into a wallet. Last year I used that money, cumulative over the year on our Christmas gifts. But I like to see if I can reduce that 65 to 25 and use the difference to pay down debt. Thanks!

    1. Lydia Lois Post author


      I love both of those ideas! What an easy way to not go into debt for christmas and what an awesome way to pay off current debts!

      I would totally encourage you to try it! You could absolutely do it! $25 might seem like a little bit but once you kind of get used to it you start looking at prices differently. For instance, if a shirt is $15 (even if it’s marked off from $100) that $15 is still over half your budget for the month! So you’ll start realizing a lot of stuff isn’t “worth it”.

      IF you really want it, it can totally be done! I’m in your corner and cheering loudly! ;)

  3. Raquel

    Like you, I have a limit for personal play stuff. If I want something, first, especially clothes, I take a picture with my trusty cell phone. Then I go home. 1.) I can think about it and (2) I have found out that I may already have a pink tee shirt or whatever. If do, I take it out of the closet, and try it on. If it doesn’t fit or is in bad shape, I put it in my donation bag. Then I go back for the new item. If it’s the only one, most stores will hold it for you till the end of the day.

    1. Lydia Lois Post author


      That is actually really smart and disciplined of you! I usually never go back not always because I really didn’t want it but maybe because the store was too far or something. Having that discipline is awesome though and I bet makes a huge difference on your budget! That’s impressive! :)


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