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Three Things To Do With Your Money To Better Your Life

August 17, 2017

Want to learn how to use your money to better your life? Well perfect! Because that's what I want to teach you in this post!

Hello friends! I’m excited about this post today because I’m breaking down in the simplest terms what I think you should do with your money to better your life. You see, I think that people believe that unless how much money we make changes our life can’t really change for the better either.

Let me be the one to tell you straight, you’re wrong. continue reading

Three Tips To Start Building Better Habits

August 12, 2017

Start building better habits in order to better your life! I promise it will be worth the work!

The decision to change your life is a simple one. If you don’t like how you’re living or what has come of your future, you just decide to change it. But acting on that decision is a whole other ball game.

I believe that in order to change your life it starts with changing a lot of little things about your life.


Because the little things add up my friends.

These “little things” might seem like not a big deal now but they are most likely what got you to where you are. Now, what are these little things?

Habits. continue reading

Three Mindset Changes For Minimal Spending

April 17, 2017

If you want to change your spending habits you need to get into the right mindset. Let me help!

If you haven’t read my post What I Learned From A Year Of Minimal Shopping I talk about just what the title says. I went a year without spending any real money on shopping. I didn’t set out to do it, it just kind of unfolded into over a year, but I learned some things that I share with you in that post.

However after sharing that post I realized I had more to say, specifically more to tell you guys about how wrap your head around and get started minimal spending. So I decided to write today’s post on mindset shifts you’ll have to change or go through in order to be successful at becoming a minimal shopper.

I hope it encourages you and you have an opportunity to challenge yourself to make some changes! continue reading

What I Learned From A Year Of Minimal Shopping

April 3, 2017

Want to learn from my experience of minimal shopping without having to do it yourself? Or want to challenge your spending habits? Click through to read all about it!

This time last year my husband had just left a job that had been paying him prevailing wage. Our budget was already smaller than it really needed to be because we were still saving for a house, but once that income was gone we decided to minimize our spending even more.

The main thing we did was cut out our “shopping budgets” which was essentially $25 a month we both were allowed to spend however we wanted. (I broke down how I spent my $25 in a couple of posts here.) Once he left his job we decided it would be better if we cut that extra unnecessary spending out and focused on only buying what we needed or had to buy.

At first I was pretty sad. I agreed we should do this but I also hated the idea of not being able to buy any clothes for awhile (My $25 was most predominately spent on clothing!) and mourned the loss of Saturday afternoons spent thrifting.

Though I still wish at times I could go and spend a little dough it’s been about a year now of living this way and it actually has completely transformed my perspective on money, shopping and spending in general. I’ve always been cheap or “money savvy” but going to minimal spending has really challenged everything I thought I knew about money. I decided today that I would delve into those changes and what exactly I learned from this year in hopes to either encourage you to do the same or give you the insight I learned without you having to go a whole year. Because, I’ll help a friend out! ;) continue reading